Cold, Hard Truth

March 6, 2013
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Yes! Yes! Finally! He asked me to dance! Oh, I am in a dream right now. He is a much better dancer than I thought he would be. His hand in mine - oh, this is more than I could ever hope for. Oh my gosh. He's talking to me! What was that? He asked me who I like. What do I say? Do I kiss him? No, not now. Alright, I'll ask him who he likes. Oh, gosh. I can't think straight right now. He said he likes me. Ah, shucks. That was a short song. Wait. He's leading me to the bench outside. He's still talking to me - maybe he does actually like me! Okay. Now I'm going to tell him I like him back. Oh, great! He's leaning in to kiss me! I can feel his cold, hard lips press against mine, and - wait, what?! Oh. I'm kissing the mirror in my bedroom.

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