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We headed to the party at about ten on the ride there my friend Josh kept telling me he was happy I was going to party's again. I just kept thinking of why I stopped going a huge fight in school and I got arrested everyone thought I started it but I didn't it was that asshole George. Once he got on the football team he felt invincible well after that day he started to walk over everyone I changed that the first time he hit me. He went for my head but missed and swung wide left I backed off going into fight or flight mode I ran towards him putting my fist into him I as hard as possible. I didn't realize that half the team was behind him and pulled me off kids were getting shoved and yanked everywhere once I got up the hall was a mess of fists and elbows I ran for the door outside but George was right behind. He jumped but I moved faster he landed next to me I turned and started in beating him with everything I had. After that kids were coming out and staring on until I got pulled off I turned and punched whoever was behind me little did I know it was a cop. I was just as shocked as the cop until he slapped on the cuffs half his face was swollen I was kinda proud. That was until I saw George he looked like he went through a football game without anything. He was beaten black and blue bleeding severely. I spent a year in prison for assault; assaulting a police officer; disturbing the peace; and attempted murderer. George was in the hospital for 4 weeks id say I felt bad but he deserved it. When I got out I went back to school just sneaking by no friends no anybody but Josh kept telling me to go to these party's and finally I broke and went that's what happened up to now. We headed into the party it was hot and sticky and smelled of beer it felt good to be near other people and not alone. We were having a good time seeing people talking then I saw a Jersey run to the back of the house I wanted to run but the alcohol slowed me down then I saw the whole team surge foreword. I dove into the kitchen knocking down several people but once there the first hand got to me I knew I was screwed. I had been working out but 2/3 of the team were bigger than me after the first couple punches I was out I remember leaving for the hospital cops running into the house and chasing kids out I tried to keep my face from getting trampled then I realized Josh he wasn't there I went crazy crawling to find him I found him bleeding in a corner he was gone. I went into shock right next to him I couldn't talk just look when the paramedics came and talked to me I couldn't respond. I spent a week in the hospital when I got out and in school no one would look at me I couldn't figure it out then I saw Josh's picture and memorial I shrunk to my knees no sadness or anger just an empty feeling. A couple weeks went by people began to forget but I couldn't I saw Josh's old friends move on without a problem but I couldn't understand how they forgot so fast. I saw George a couple days later and he was talking about how they kicked some ass at that party I calmly asked why he tried Josh he stood back like he just got hit but he said he was a casualty and to move on. I truly wonder if he actually didn't care that his team were a bunch of murderous thugs. They walked over everyone and I just let it happen for weeks until I found a table at lunch they were quiet and reserved not mean but threatening. We sat together everyday no one bothered us which was good but weird at the same time. One day this kid Logan said we helped you in the first fight. I was confused and asked him what he meant he said when you stood up to George we were the ones who kept the football team off my back. I was shocked and asked them why they did it they said I gave them a voice that I made the choice to stand up to them. I told them that I was no leader just one kid then finally they pointed it out kids all over the cafeteria that stood up for me there were tons of them on the edges of tables and in dark corners. I asked why they didn't sit together they said that each of them alone was just one loner but together they were outcast's and were a prominent group like jocks nerds and preps and so on. I pondered this for a moment and asked them if they knew Josh each one lowered there head to say a prayer I knew at that point that I was with the right people. I told them to get every loner they knew to the table tomorrow that I had an idea. When I got home my brother who's in ninth grade asked me what I was doing at the loser table I told him not to say that and that it wasn't right to judge us like that he was a jock already so he was a asshole to the only reason he wasn't at the party was because he couldn't get a ride. The next day we took up three tables everyone stared and we just ignored I sat in the middle we moved tables so I could sit center I told them it was time to make it even we were alone so would everyone else we planned to get in groups and split them up. I said to focus on the nerds first the easiest we had a bunch of closet geniuses in our group and we put them to work they worked there way up through the AP classes the only problem turning into a geek required high grades and honor roll after a couple weeks work they were in now they had to get to know the important people. I sent everyone to work looking for dirt on the nerds this meant grades old girlfriends drugs everything one bit of info caught my attention this kid Greg sparks kept getting mentioned but no one could find him. Even though we were trying to tear down the groups I told everyone to keep a lookout for him. We caught a break about a week later he was found near the slum part of town he was so strung out on drugs that he couldn't remember who he was he went through weeks of rehabilitation. Once he got out he came to asking why we helped I told him were not the friendliest people but we don't like seeing people getting hurt. He was surprised and asked if he could do anything I said id get back to him. I wanted to ask who gave him the drugs but I don't want to lose his help if he relapses. I finally called him and said who did you get the drugs from he went silent I told him I just want to help he finally told me they were using lab equipment to cook the drugs well I saw three options turn them in; trash the lab and stop them; or slowly leak information about it till they stop. I took option one and two we went the the lab and trashed everything we had to fight some people but we just put them to the ground knocking them out. We sent an anonymous call to the school they searched the lab and arrested half of the nerds for involvement. This wasn't the plan but it worked all the same about a week later we started getting harassed by all these prep kids we didn't bother until Greg told us they profited from the drugs. We avoided violence as much as possible but the case changed when they attacked a group of kids outside of school after that we couldn't get any info because they shut us out no one would talk to us it was like we didn't exist. Finally after months of working on everyone they started to let us back in we found out that some of the rich preps liked to box and held events and bets they said they fix fights to make iiii cash. To get in its a 200 dollar to get a fight most of us were small some were bigger but this one kid Ron he was huge he spent all his time working out we were scared of him at first he could have easily crushed us. When we first talked he asked why we don't just fight everyone well I thought about it and it wouldn't solve anything it would just cause problems and that's not what I wanted to do. So finally we scraped the money together and Ron went on to win the first three fight the preps were getting angry and the kids running the fights were losing friends and money. In the final fight the preps who ran the fights promised a win in the final fight I knew if we could win this fight we would hurt them financially and physically everyone would be pissed at them for losing money. We all went to the fight since it was our guy we tend to stay together when in an unfriendly place but we decided to split in groups if anything happened we could react faster a decision I would soon regret. We saw the other fighter walk out he looked like he was 40 and bulging muscles all over I was scared for Ron's life. When Ron entered I expected a scared look or to throw in the towel but he seemed to emit a strange sense of strength and just stillness. The first round was a little rough and Ron got a lot of good punches in but took some heavy hits to. The second round was just brutal Ron had about knocked the other guy out until he had some of his ribs . The third and final round we knew if it went to judges we would lose so we thought of an idea I sent a couple guys to the other side of the ring. When the round started our guys started a fight taking all focus away from the ring Ron got several dirty hits in and the guy looked rocked I knew he was done but that fight in the corner didn't turn out so well more and more people shoved and argued until the whole crowd was involved in the end Ron went on to win but something else happened that night leaving the building the last few rich preps came and attacked Ron with bats he came out with six broken ribs broken leg fractured skull we didn't see much of Ron for a while he came back a couple months later. That was the last thing the preps did together the last group we had to deal with were the jocks. I'll be honest I'd been trying to avoid this I wasn't scared but from how much they hated me I was scared they would take it out on our group. I had no way of getting to them they still ruled with an iron fist so I had two options use my brother or fight them well neither seemed like a good idea. I told called my brother over tonthe table to get him on board at first he refused the offer and went back to the jock table they had been questioning him for twenty minutes when they all left for football that was the last time I saw my ahole jock brother. He was gone for three days said he was going camping and he never called or texted back. Until Tuesday we had had Monday off and when he came back he didn't look different but you could tell he was fragile he told me he kicked off the team for grades but he was a Damn prodigy when it came to school. He soon changed his mind about helping we never spoke about those three days but you can tell they were bad. I started by getting anything illegal on them then moved to minor stuff then names and so on nothing really helped. One name did ring a bell Mike Sparks he was Greg's brother I called up Greg outside of school so he wouldn't get called out. I knew I asked a lot of him but I needed one more thing he asked why we needed him I said you feel like getting kidnapped the look on his face was priceless. The plan was to take Greg after school when he was walking out of the building his brother was supposed to meet him and go to his practice with him well we wanted them away from the field and I knew this would get the whole teams attention. The day was going fine everyone was ready but something was up with Greg. About half way through the day he was getting really paranoid and jumpy I knew what was wrong and it was my fault it was what I feared most he relapsed. I found him in a stairwell he looked like hell and I couldn't help but feel like it was my fault. I asked him what had happens and he said he was just a little nervous about today and needed something to take the edge off something didn't seem right then it hit me the drugs. I took him by the shoulders and said tell me where you got the drugs he just shrunk into a corner fear filled his eyes I told some guys to take him to the nurse he was done he couldn't do it anymore. Mike would leave practice early and our chance would be gone we had no other way onto the field we needed a major distraction. I took four days to find another way to split them up the equipment manager he got bullied every day by the team and wanted to help we got into the locker room one day and found the offensive linemen cleats we cut off the front spike so they couldn't stop the other team. We went to the next game we lost by 15 it worked the next few days all the linebackers were ridiculed by everyone. The next week we targeted the wide receivers we had a greasy slim that we put on the gloves I never saw so many dropped passes in my life and by the end of the game the grease was gone so no one got blamed but the players they actually got kicked off the team. Next we were going after George he was quarterback so if he screwed up everyone else does to the only problem we had was messing with the players people were looking out for anyone messing around with equipment. Well needless to say our way in was blocked because they fired the equipment manager right away so once again we had to find a way in again. So we waited a couple weeks for the heat to go down when it was time to take down George we watched his game trying to find his weak point but it was pointless he was amazing at football it took until the second to last game of the season that we saw the tape it was on his left knee he had it wrapped it was our only chance to take him down so we planned the two days before the game we were gonna work his knee down. We started by running into him hitting it anything by the end of the day he was feeling it the second day he was moving slower and limping then we got the idea to get in a fight with varsity and here came George right as he got there I threw a leg in his path he went down hard and fast. We took off so that they could see he was hurt but he jumped up you could see tears in his eyes when we got to the game he had it tapped and was limping but walked out we didn't expect what had happened he took to the field and led an even score 20 to 20 halftime I was impressed by him when he was finishing up the last couple of plays I knew I had to come up with a plan I went to ask Ron but he was gone I saw him walk towards the locker room just inside the entrance he was covered by the darkness so I lost sight of him. I rushed through the crowd I didn't want Ron to do something he would regret but I was to late George walked inside the door when Ron walked out he looked like the hulk compared to George Ron swung his leg out at George hitting him square in the knee I thought he broke it but Georges ego got the better of him he merely gave Ron a look and walked away but it was more like a hop on one leg he was done. When the second half started George was taped up like a mummy the first play the pass was pitiful only going half way to the receiver he got one pass in and fumbled the ball score for the other team the rest of the game was terrible fumbles all around for George. The coaches kept trying to switch him out but he was to hot headed for that he went on to lose 46 to 20. He was kicked off the team and the whole school forgot about him just like they had forgotten about Josh. Over the next few weeks we noticed an insecurity from the whole school like they were all alone that's when it hit me we caused them the same pain we felt so we just kinda broke up like the rest of the school getting together periodically to put down groups from taking control of everyone this was high school and as long as we treated people like they were lower they would need us until they learned that everyone was even.

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