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The Killer's House

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The house was perfect. It was triangular shaped and had a shady appearance. Shrubs covered the untended lawn. By the door, two gargoyles stood at attention. A gigantic spider web blocked the entrance.

Yes, the house was definitely a perfect cover-up. Vinceton Monroy bought a house on the other side of the road and a few houses down from his spooky neighbor’s house. Vinceton’s house was two stories tall instead of three. Though, the two tall trees in front of his house were each nearly four stories tall.
Vinceton carefully kept his small yard neat and pretty. Next to the porch were several large bushes. He also grew small shite flowers and ferns under these bushes.
Unfortunately, his small sidewalk was cracked and uneven. Fungus grew among the dirt between the white bricks of his house. He had trouble keeping the window pains and his porch clean. After all, he led a very busy life.
To make up for this, he put several pretty flowerpots around the porch and always kept a wreath in the doorway. Also, he put a birdfeeder, which he kept filled with seeds. And he let the smaller birds build nests under the maroon bubble-shaped roof ties on his house – number thirty-two.
As precautions, Vinceton Monroy kept thick drapes in every window, built a tall gate around his backyard, and constructed a large, soundproof shed in the back, which was surrounded with flowering bushes.
Though, there were some details about the number thirty-two that even Vinceton didn’t notice. First of all, there were no shutters on the windows. Second, a plant in a hanging pot was sitting on the ground. Third, a bundle of cut wires were hanging off the side of the house.
Some strange things that Vinceton did know about were the facts that the view to the backyard was completely blocked and that he appeared to have two doorbells, one of which was a hidden camera.
Vinceton Monroy went through all this trouble because the police were after him. Why? Because Vinceton Monroy was a mass murderer.
His next victim-to-be was a young red-headed woman. She looked excitedly at the front of his house. “Oh, it’s so… beautiful.” She said.
“You might like the inside of the house a little better.” Vinceton replied. “I’ll give you the grand tour. He carefully guided her through the front door and showed her the whole house.
When he completed that, he took her outside and showed her all of the flowering bushes before taking her inside of the shed and locking the tight, soundproof door. No one heard her scream.

At about 1:07 AM, the darkest time of night, Vinceton Monroy snuck into the backyard of number thirty-seven. He picked up several heavy rocks from the rock garden and slipped them inside the large sack that he carried. Then Vinceton Monroy disposed of the dead body in the deep water of the unused and scummy pool of number thirty-seven.

Several more murders were completed in the house thirty-two and disposed of on the property of house thirty-seven. Then, a man who had just been hired to do some cleaning and yard-work for the aging owner of number thirty-seven decided to clean out the pool. He reported the four dead bodies to the police.
A wicked and cruel smile played across Vinceton Monroy’s face that night as the police arrested and lead away the man who used to live in house number thirty-seven.
The man was found guilty and sentenced to death soon after. House thirty-seven was for sale now, but it did not appear that anyone was going to buy a killer’s house any time soon.
Vinceton Monroy was pleased with this fact. He knew that he wouldn’t have to move again for a while. Since the police hadn’t searched the house thoroughly, he had many more places to put the remains of his kills. “After all,” he said to himself as he snuck onto the property of house thirty-seven with his delivery, “Six successful murders in one place mean many more to come!”
He cackled maniacally as he returned to the true “killer’s house”.

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