Library Session

January 11, 2013
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“Turn to page 65 and start reading.”

The rest of the students quieted down, flipping through the pages.

“Mr. Reed, what’s the point of this session?”

Of course it was Derek who asked that. Mr. Reed slammed down the textbook.

“If you want to be stupid, then be stupid. That won’t get you anywhere in life.”

Everyone laughed. Shrinking farther into his seat, Derek frowned. He deserved it.

“Shush! This is a library, not a gym!”

Our attention turned to the librarian in front of us. Her glasses were perched lazily on her nose, her hands resting on her hips.

“We are deeply sorry Ms. Dean. It won’t happen again.”

We all realized how Mr. Reed was staring at her in a non- teacherly manner.

“Go get em Mr. Reed!” I wasn’t surprised it was Derek again.

“Do you think we’re gonna get anything done?” asked Darcy.


We laughed.

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