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The young man stood with his midnight dress shoes firmly digging into the vibrant green grass beneath him. With his pale hands clasped firmly behind his back, he slowly knelt on the patch of ground that wasn't covered with dry land's seaweed and smoothed out the brown earth.

"Everything just had to be perfect for you, didn't it kiddo?" He whispered, almost feeling the run of warm water down his face. "Why should that change now?"

Only the soft sigh of the wind responded to his voice and even that hardly offered anything at all. He shut his eyes that matched the soft, tickling plant underneath him and stretched out on his back to face the sky.

"I don't know why I even came. I mean, I'm talking to a piece of concrete right now and hell, I gotta sound crazy..."


"It's just, I wanted to be here, ya know? I wanted to... Oh God..."

He paused to run his eyes across the clouds that dotted the reverse ocean. Salty water flowed down to his mouth and he absently pressed a hand to the soft flesh of his face.

"I remember when we were kids, you couldn't have been more than six, and... you kept begging me to take you camping. I remember saying 'not yet kiddo. It's not time. When you're older, I will.' But that trip never did happen and for some reason, that's what I'm regretting the most. You then always complained to Dad before he left, 'Dad, he won't take me camping,' or 'Dad, he called me annoying.' But I loved you kiddo and no matter what happens..."

The sky opened in on itself.

"I'll never regret you."

As water poured from the thundering heavens, the young man stood, weight leaving his shoulders in uncomprehensible ways. He turned around and let the elements carry him to wherever he was supposed to go. All the while, the etched words of the forgotten dissipated behind his back.

'Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.'

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