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Sitting on a warm bench with colors that made my eyes soften, facing a small toy store with vibrant colors hues and purples and displays of marvelous toy that twinkled when the sun hit them through their large windows. We both love to watch the children leave with their smile stretching from ear to ear accompanied by flushed rosy cheeks, and small arms clutched around their shiny toy cars or porcelain dolls. You would always whisper in my ear giving me chills with your voice, I love to joke around and say you can narrate books for a living; saying it would be us one day. I love to hear you say those words because it makes me feel that you love me as much as I love you. Or how you like to tell me stories while I sipped my coffee, wide eyed like a child by the tree at Christmas waiting for what lied inside the festive wrappings and cardboard boxes. Even, in the winter I never grew cold because warmth just rolls off of you, embracing me with a sense of security. Your smile makes me feel like we were still in high school, with the countless hours I spent eying my telephone eagerly waiting for a call from you. Now the sound of rush hour makes me come out of my daydreaming only to be reminded that I sit on this cold seasoned bench facing an abandoned toy store.

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