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Friendemeny (Edited )

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“Pain, pain go away. Never come back another day. I just want to say. Pain, pain go in an alleyway. Never look or find me again”; done my lousy poem for language arts.. not much of a poem though. I bet it is better than Lucy Batterbottom's. I craned my thin wan neck to catch a glimpse of her excuse of a poem. But I don’t look at the poem, I looked at her.
She should have not dyed her hair brunette, she was still a pure blonde. I don't understand why people, guys rather find her so attractive. She's petite I will give her that..but not in the bust. Thin as a stick and as egotistical as a peacock. Well she dyed her hair so many colors she could be a peacock. But no matter how grotesque Lucy is, she manages to always be the “Belle of the Ball”. Lucy is a “Bratz” doll in an “American-girl Doll” store; the flower out of the weeds.
What about me?.. Black fuzzy-frizz hair always tied up into a bun. Thick black glasses that standout on my freckled pale skin. Yep I'm one in a million.. a million freaks! Mother said I was quote, " A late bloomer". I'm in my senior year in high school and never once fit into a Victoria Secret bra! Everytime I look in the mirror I feel my self-esteem disappear. How could Lucy sit so confident knowing every girl in school hates her and talks about her behind her spiny back?
She caught staring at her..Ugh what should I do? The only thing a teenage girl knows how to do.Time for a, “You Dirty Girl" look. Lets see how she handles that. Lucy just smiled back. She is basically saying,"My life is perfect. So your attempt at a dirty look doesn't bother me!" I swear will break her! But I have heard a lot of girls say that they will break her. But the failed,terribly!
Spray painted her locker- the janitor cleaned it up in a few minutes. Left mean notes- everyone was caught. Itching powder in bra while she was taking a shower in the locker room- not her bra! She's known as the Indestructible Idiot.
The bell rang, I stood up gathered the mountain of books I had to lug around. Lucy just grabbed her designer tote, she looked as if she was going to leave the room; but then she looked at me and said, "Why did you give me a dirty look." Her voice didn't have a hint of attitude, it sounded hurt if anything. My gut curdled then my feeling spilled out as I stammered, "Y-y-you are a flirt and s-s-steal all the g-g-guys. You think y-y-you're better than everyone." She dropped her tote and her eyes watered. She looked at me with those hurt puppy dog eyes. Lucy began to speak again, "How can you judge me if you don't know me. Half...All of the school girls hate me. Treat me like garbage, say dirty things about me behind my back and to top it all off I receive dirty looks twenty-four seven!" Then the dam burst.
Lucy cried her eyes out and sat back down into a desk. I didn't know what to do. Soon I found myself with my arms holding. She nuzzled her face against my neck and sobbed, "I lost all my friends in my freshman year and never had one since!" I pulled her away and stared at her dead in the eye as my “inner angel” said, "For now on you do have a friend. Okay, me. I may not be the prettiest girl nor am I the nicest, but I make good chocolate chip cookies. Ultimate comfort food. How bout' you and me go to my house after school and make them together. Then chow down and talk about this." I gave her a sincere smile. She nodded her head and gave me a hug. "Meet you at the oak tree around the corner then!", she said as she stood up. Lucy grabbed her tote bag hugged me once more and left the classroom. The thing is I know exactly how she felt. I never had a friend till that moment too.

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