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She nods her head slowly to the song playing from her earbuds. She presses her eyes closed, internally she is screaming. But for once it’s not from pain, it’s for joy. He willingly sat with her in class. He leaned forward on the desk next to her. One hand supported his head, his other hand resting on his right knee.

His head turned looking at her. His hair, which he flips to the left wasn’t obeying him. He’d sit up and shake it back into place. But, as soon as he rests his head in his hand again, his hair would fall out of place. Eventually he gave up and just let his hair do what it wanted.
His beautiful smile never left his face. She knew he was happy, but she wonders what that smile is hiding. She’s not sure why, but she feels like something is hurting him, or hurt him in the past and he still feels the pain to this day. She wishes she could take him in her arms and comfort him, take away his pain even if it’s only for a moment. She’d do anything to make his smile genuine.

Once she is home she sits behind her computer and debates texting him. Sometimes he texts back, other times he doesn’t. She is convinced she bothers him when she texts him so she pushes her phone to the side of her bed and attempts to focus on her homework.

An hour later she leans back taking a break from homework. He instantly fills her mind. She’s sad because she knows he could never love someone like her. Someone covered in scars. Someone that doesn’t even love herself.

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