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Break Out

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You think it was me onstage? Sir, what makes you think she's even from this school?

You mean you haven't heard? She always shows up to stuff like that. People have given her the nickname Crasher. They say she sings the same song every time. She's sort of a boogeyman without the scary hocus pocus. Well, you know, except for what she does onstage but no one dies or anything.

How do I know so much? Really, sir, stuff like that is plastered all over the Internet. All you have to do is read it on Yahoo or something in passing and you'll hear everyone buzzing about it the next day.

Besides, doesn't everyone wanna secretly break out? Somehow, everyone wants to go crazy. When you hate someone deep down you wish you could kill them. When you hate them you wish up thousands of way to slaughter them.

Sir, even I think of at least ten different personalities I could have every day or how I could have said something differently. I even think of conversations I've never had with fictional people.

What? Think I'm crazy? I assure you, sir, I'm not. You wish things like that too, right? You wish you didn't have morality or government to tie you down, or even religion. I'm sure you wish you could break out, doesn't everyone? To be some crazy villain that gets everything they want, like on the movies and TV shows. Why do you think people kill each other? Somehow its implanted in our minds to break out of whatever may hold us; to see what's out there, to see what its like!

Sorry sir, I was yelling, wasn't I?

But don't you see? Everyone has something to constrict you with.

I'm not saying its bad, sir. Its not. There are good things to keep us back; morality and religion. I'm only saying, sir, doesn't your mind wander? Aren't there times when you think "I want to break out!" or "I want to do something crazy!"?

Oh, that's the bell. Goodbye sir.

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