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My Share of Happiness

Smile sometimes, its proven to to make you happier... unless you're me. Smiling does nothing. In fact it digs a deeper hole with every grin. Happiness I will slowly lose plays on my lips taunting me as I stub my toe, located on my foot. Every one laughed calling me my famous nick name "Tank." Why? I'm round as a tank. My pain makes them happy. So since I'm not able to feel that certain feeling, why not let them experience that emotion for me? Why not let them have my share of happiness?
Today hasn't been the best for me. Every day is a living hell but today is more so. I've been humiliated, bullied, physically beaten by my parents-all the usual- but add the fatal disease coursing through my veins and my day is "not well." I will soon die and be forgotten. So why not be useful for my last 2 weeks? Give them the laughter and happiness I wont have a chance to experience.The hardest part in this whole thing is still having faith. How am I supposed to believe that there's a God if my life is full of chaos and sadness? I guess he has a plan for everyone. Mine was simple: live, cry, die. I guess this was my final test before I was brought home...

*This is a message to all those who put people down in any way. Don't bully.

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