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What is her name?

He noticed her the second she walked into the mall. She walked through a group of preppy girls. They called her a freak and other catty teenage girl insults. She didn’t pay any attention to them and sat in a booth in the far corner of the food court. In all honesty, he had noticed her before she made a small scene with the girls. He had noticed her when she walked by him and his friends. Her great ass really caught his attention.
He had been finishing up lunch with his friends when she walked by. His friends were ready to continue shopping, but he wanted to stay and watch the girl some more. He told his friends he had a headache and would just hang out at the table until they were done. They agreed and left him alone.
He leans forward to get a better view of the girl. She is reading a very thick book. He can’t make out the title, the distance between them has caused the words to be small. He squints but still has no luck. He curses himself for not wearing his new glasses. He thought his friends would make fun of him. He begins to wonder why she came to the mall to read. Maybe her house is more hectic than the mall is for her to read.
He begins to study the girl. Her hair is black, but he can see dark red roots beginning to appear. He is almost positive that her natural hair is gorgeous. She has her hair pushed back behind her ears out of her face. Her ears are filled with metal, her face is too. He doesn’t think he has ever seen someone in person with that many piercings. Maybe the colored hair and piercings are a way to rebel against her parents, or get her parents to pay attention to her.
She has a narrow face, small nose and full lips. He thinks her makeup is too heavy and dark. She has a deep red color on her lips, he knows that the color would match her natural hair color wonderfully. His eyes continue on the trip down her body. She has on a black shirt with a homemade v-neck. The edges around the cut are jagged. She sits up straighter and he is able to see that her breasts are the most perfect thing he has ever laid his eyes upon.
He shakes his head clearing those thoughts away. On her shirt he recognizes a heavy metal band. Maybe another sign of rebelling. He doesn’t know anyone who really likes heavy metal. They only do because it p***** off their parents. Her left arm is filled with jelly bracelets. The kind that were really popular in sixth grade. Maybe they’re hiding something, like scars. He hopes that’s not true, and that they are just a fashion statement.
She has on weird looking black pants with a lot of chains. He thinks they’re called tripps, but he isn’t sure. He knows that goth kids wear them all the time. He doesn’t think she’s a goth, granted she does dress like one. He has a gut feeling she’s only doing this as an act. An act to keep people away. He wants to prove to her that the act is useless on him.
He stands up when suddenly his friends appear again. They tell him they are ready to go. He sits back down while they start to tell him about what they bought. He doesn’t listen and cuts them off, “Hey, what’s her name?” He asks as he points at the girl.

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