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The Betrayal

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"All I want to know is why," I said as tears welled up in my eyes.  "Why would you do that?"

Don't cry, I chided myself.  If you cry, then she wins, so don't you do it Ev!

My former friend, Annie Kepler, stared at me in confusion.  Her icy eyes bore into my earth ones, trying to inject some sort of poison and leave me blind to what she'd done.  

For a while before, it'd worked.  But it wouldn't this time or ever again.

"I was just saying what's true," she said with a nonchalant hair toss.  "It's not a rumor if it's the truth."

"But it's a lie!" I shrieked, so loud that other kids in the hall paused briefly to witness the commotion.  "It's a lie and you know it!"

Annie just glared at me and picked at her perfectly manicured nails.  The kids that had stopped moved along, desperate to get out of the prison that's known as middle school.  I payed them no attention as I stepped forward so that Annie and I were merely a breath apart.

"You freaking know," I hissed, baring my braces covered teeth.  "And you're going to set things right."

"I don't have to 'set things right.' It's all true.  You wear dark colors, keep your hair like a boy's, and listen to music that was made before you were even born.  So why wouldn't you do THAT also?"

I stared at her for perhaps two more seconds before I gripped my sleeve and pulled it up, smiling with satisfaction as her eyes widened.

"There are no scars," I said.  "There never WERE any scars.  Now, you're going to tell everyone that you made it all up and maybe then I'll consider forgiving you."

I turned on my heel and walked away, leaving her standing in the pouring rain.

When I passed by a trash can sitting near the wall of a classroom, I opened my binder and threw away the picture of her and me that I'd kept in it.  I left it there to fade away forever.

And I never looked back.  

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