Ed the Liar

June 24, 2012
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Ed appears to us girls as the glamorous bad boy, the one you know you shouldn't trust but can't help but fall for. He possesses that dangerous, mysterious vibe, but also bears a sweet side that provides you with security. He is a charming enigma. He tells you you are so special, but really you're only a dime a dozen. He tells you in harsh words to try harder and consistently makes you feel like you're never good enough. He's possessive and clingy, although you mean absolutely nothing to him. You're just his toy, his rag doll.

Ed sends spam emails, chain letters, forwarded texts, and whispers sweet nothings that are hollow; they leave you feeling empty and alone. He's abusive physically, emotionally, and mentally, and you swear you're done with him for good, but his charm leads you back into his deceptive grasp....always. Your family and friends can see he's no good and desperately attempt to intervene and tell you you're better off without him, but you're deaf to their concerns and blind to what's in front of you-Ed's faults. He makes you feel insignificant when other girls are around so that you envy everything they have and can't help but compare. He follows you around like a sick puppy and you hate him, but he's always hot on your trail.

He seduces you until you reach the point where you're constantly analyzing yourself and you begin questioning your worth. The longer he's around, the worse you feel. You try and you try again to tell him off, but he swears he'll be around forever and threatens that you're nothing without him.

Eventually, his sweet side is so seldom seen that it becomes non-existent. You get so caught up in his abuse that you find yourself not even trying to fight it anymore. He becomes your everything and your only sense of self. You smile when everything's wrong because of what little resistance you have, and can't reach out to anyone anymore; it's just you and Ed, and Ed and you.

This loneliness makes it difficult to focus on the present; all you can think about is the control Ed has over you. Eventually, you become emotionally numb and begin to accept his abuse as a normality; this is your life with Ed. The days start to blend together and life is hardly worth living.
But wait.

Slowly, days pass where you wake up and realize that your life isn't hopeless. You and Ed become slowly disconnected as you realize that you want to be the one girl he doesn't break. His grip on you is tight, but it gradually becomes apparent that you are better than what he has to offer. You break your ties with Ed, and because of it, he becomes your newest stalker. He's everywhere you go; he's always watching.
Your ignorance fuels him to new heights of insanity with constant texts, and-as much as you hate to admit it- you give in to the temptation to read them. His seducing quality does not escape your notice, even with your new-found strength.
As time goes on, his obsession maintains its hold, but you learn how to overpower him. The stronger you become, the less hold he has on you, though secretly, you crave him. The longer you ignore him, the less potent his pleas are, until one day, you never hear from him again. You're free, and Ed's out of your life

....that conniving b****rd.

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