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Lucy Baroque vs. Nick Rap

She teeters on her three-inch high heels, dressed elegantly in black pinstriped silk trousers, a flowing black quarter sleeve blouse and a lace white camisole underneath. She clatters on the marble floor to the grand double doors in the empty foyer of the opera house, seemingly late. She stands in front of the doors, waiting, and checks the time on the beautiful silver watch clasped on her wrist. Hmm, she thinks, I’m not late in the slightest; I’m early.
She feels awkward standing alone while a number of people, mostly in pairs, walk past her through the double doors and into the room. She gets glimpses of the interior as the doors swing shut, dim lighting, strains of music, the chatter of people, and tapestries adorning the walls depicting scenes from Greek mythology.
As she waits, she calms her nerves before his arrival. Okay, she thinks to herself, I’m meeting Nick O’Brien, the hottest guy in school, at an opera house. How did this even happen? She thinks back to the beginning of the second semester. She had been drooling over Nick in AP chemistry all year long, for he was a mere two lab tables away from her all year. He was the biggest obsession of all the girls in school, but also the biggest jerk. He had the worst reputation as a ladies’ man, and a date with him if you were a breathing girl, was inexorable. Except if you were Lucy. Poor Lucy pined after Nick everyday, yet he hadn’t glanced her way once.

One day, the teacher told everyone to pick up their stuff and move to the back, that they were going to switch seats. She silently mourned moving away from Nick. The teacher started pairing up people, and she said, “Lucy and Nick,” pointing to an empty lab table. She froze, she couldn’t believe it. But yes, she watched Nick swagger to the desk and drop into the seat on the right. She diffidently walked up the aisle and perched on the end of the chair on the left. She glanced at him, and he nodded at her. Leaning forward, he smiled a heart-breaking grin and said, “I’m no good at this Chem stuff, can you help me, maybe one-on-one sometime?” She got a whiff of his cologne as he leaned in, and all she could do to respond was nod faintly. He grinned again and faced forward, leaving her staring at him with her mouth gaping open. This was only the first of the encounters.
Eventually she grew more comfortable around him, and he charmed her like every other girl he had charmed. But they learned a lot about each other in the process. One common topic was music. Lucy loved classical baroque music, Nick loved modern rap. They each felt rancor towards the other’s taste. Every day, Nick would saunter into class, with his rap music blaring from his ear buds. Every day Lucy would grin and make a sound of mock disgust towards Nick’s taste in music. They would each debate about whose music is better the few minutes before class. The disparity between their tastes in music just added to the chemistry between them. Lucy always swore to him that she would show him the magnificence of baroque one day.
One day in chemistry class, Nick passed Lucy a note asking her on a date. Still inwardly pining after him, she was giddy and scrawled her reply. In return, she got another scrap of paper asking her where she wanted to go. She grinned, and saw this was her chance. She wrote, “Saturday, 6:30, meet me here,” with an address written down. They looked at each other and smiled.
So here she is, waiting for Nick on Saturday night, at the opera house. When they had spoken before via text, he had asked where they were going, and she told him to the opera house, and he asked why. Her ostensible answer was because she had wanted to see the NY Philharmonic perform with someone special, but her ulterior motive was to convince Nick the stupendous nature of classical music. She awaits Nick, and just as she is about to glance at her watch again, she catches sight of him entering through the doors. He looks around, and she just takes a couple moments to appreciate how good he looked and be giddy that Lucy had a date with Nick O’Brien. Then she raised her arm and waved to get his attention. He caught sight of her and broke into a wide grin. He walked down the hallway to her and when he approached her, she reached out her arms for a hug, “pleasure to see you again, and thanks for coming.”
Instead, he grasps her hand. With a flourish, he turns hers over, bends low, and kisses the top of her hand. “The pleasure’s all mine, beautiful,” he murmurs in his charming tone.
She blushes and puts her free hand up to cover her face, “stop it, you’re too charming,” she says sheepishly. She regains her composure, “you’re lucky I’m clement and won’t punish you for being late,” she says teasingly.
He grins, and straightens up, asking her, “So, what are we going to view?”

They walk together through the glorious double doors, where many are already sitting in their seats. She wants to extol the furnishings and decoration around the room, but she realizes he asked her a question. “Oh, Antonin Dvorak’s Opus 95. It’s absolutely beautiful, the way the second violin and viola harmony…” she starts, but stops when she sees Nick’s bored expression. “It’s beautifully composed, that’s all,” she ends up saying.

They get to their seats and the piece starts with a prelude. As the piece is played, Lucy sits there with rapt attention, touched by the music, while Nick yawns, and almost falls asleep multiple times. When the piece ends, Lucy asks Nick what he thought, but he only shrugs, saying he still likes rap better than classical music. She learns he is adamant about his taste in music, and he won’t change. They had fun the rest of the night, and they became boyfriend and girlfriend for the rest of their high school career and Lucy was able to break through Nick’s tough exterior, but that’s a story for another time. They originally spoke because of their music tastes, and even until the end, those debates hadn’t changed. As the cliché goes, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

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