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World on Fire

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The past two days were complete chaos, riddled with confusion, fires, screaming, and dead bodies. The evening started out like any other, the nightlife came out, filling the streets. The moon lit the sky brightly and the stars could be seen faintly through the bright lamps that line the streets. But that disappeared in an instant.

An ear splitting squeal sounded out through the air, followed by an outrageous explosion that shook the ground and demolished all the buildings in the area. Fire rapidly followed and panic filled the entire city as more ear splitting noises fell from the sky. People ran as far away as possible from the center as most of the governmental building became rubble.

The events following the attack were a blur for most people as they ran for shelter and clung onto loved ones. Hiding in their basements or bomb shelters, if they were quick, many spent the night trembling in fear. Others, the braver souls, ventured outside to help douse fires and save victims. And as the dawn rose on the following days, the city slowly crept back to life and began to rebuild, praying for the horror to be done.

Hot and sweet to your senses, delectable hot cakes bombard your mind as your barren stomach rumbled in protest. The bombing had destroyed many stores and food was growing scarce. Groaning, you shift the huge bundle of assorted fruits and vegetables in your scrawny arms, growing heavier with every step.
Slowly, the smell of hot cakes disappears as the overpowering stench of burnt tar and smoldering wood pierced your senses. Tears well up as smoke clouds your vision. Coughing, you step up the pace; trying to get past the rubble that still litters the city.

Breathing a sigh of relief, the image of home fills your mind and soon the buildings begin to rush past as your stout, knobby legs begin to run down the street. Suddenly sirens blare throughout the city. Everyone around you looks up in panic before they start running. The sound of high-pitch whistling echoes throughout the sky, distant rumbles shake the ground as flames roar up, devouring that section of the city.

Terror engulfs everything and mad panic overflows as people run for cover. Pain bites deeply into your side as you meet with the ground. The precious cargo of food is demolished instantly as feet clobber all over it, reaching forward, your fingers mange to grab a hold of one last apple.

People continue to beat down on you as they rush past. The sky is lit with an inferno as the ground shakes from the barrage of aerial attacks. Smoke wafts into your nose. Coughing roughly, shaky arms push up on the soiled ground. Looking around you notice that everyone is mostly all indoors or away from the drop zone. Clenching onto the apple, you began running, straight home.

Fingers wrap around your arm, nails cutting into the skin, as you are dragged off the street and into a cellar. Strong arms hold on tightly, pinning you to their broad chest. Struggling against the man’s hold, thoughts of your mama charge into your mind. Your sibling’s smiling faces disappear as images of terror written across their young faces replace it.

“Please child, stay here, it’s not safe out there,” he cry to you as you finally break free.

Throwing open the door, you jump onto the street and begin running towards home. Your heart is pounding in your chest as more ear splitting screams fall all around. Flames engulf the wooden building like termites, while they slowly eat away at the brick ones.

Choking on the burnt, harsh smell of timber, you drop to the ground, taking deep, agonizing breaths of stale air. Pushing yourself up, you push on. Wincing slightly, screams of terror and pain fill your ears as people around you perish, trapped in the blazes. A few young men run in front of you towards a house, buckets of water in their hands as they try to tame the fires of h*ll that had been unleashed.

The ground hits you hard as you look up at the starless sky. Pain soon replaces the numb feeling of shock. Blood oozes out of cuts that litter your body as reality seeps back in. Lifting yourself up, you look at the hole in the ground a few feet ahead. Fear slowly seeps in as tears roll down your smoke-stained cheeks.

Quickly rushing to your feet you look around, turning in a tight circle trying to find a place to hide. Squeezing into a small opening between two fallen walls, you curl your arms around your sore body, the apple forgotten and destroyed.

“I don’t wanna die,” you chant as the hours pass, rocking back and forth in the small breach of wall.

“Hey kid,” a voice calls out. “It’s over, it’s all okay now. Come here.”

Looking up with bloodshot eyes, you faintly see a smiling face peering into the dark hole, holding out a huge, calloused hand to you. Reaching up, you grab ahold, letting them pull you out. Gently picking you up they began to examine the many wounds scattered all over you.

Tears well up as the sun blinds you. Personal items from the houses cover the ground, both lost and forgotten. A bright flash of red catches your eye. Turning slowly, you see the half-destroyed apple is now brown, gone bad.

“Mama,” you cry out, jostling around in the man’s arms. “Where’s mama! Where’s my family!”

Wiggling about, you escape the man’s grip, tearing down the street, shouts of protest trail after you. Pain engulfs you as wounds reopen or widen. Childhood memories of a house filled with laughter vanished instantly. Stopping cold, you gaze at the building that lay in rubble. Tears fall uncontrollable, as shakes rack your young frame. Bending down, you grab onto the small, charred stuffed bunny, clinging onto the only thing left of your family.

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LittleWhiteWingz said...
May 3, 2012 at 10:06 pm:

I have a love hate relationship with stories like these.  It is beautiful and teeming with emotion, and yet, that same emotion makes me sad, and brings back memories.  I love that writing can do that.  Thanks for making my evening slightly more bearable. 


A_Blair replied...
May 6, 2012 at 12:01 am :
Thank you so much for the comment and I'm glad that this helped! I love hearing that, it makes me feel good as a writer and makes me wanna write even more!!! So again, thanks <3
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