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I sit down at my usual spot at the lunch table. My friends are all talking and laughing. But I’m watching. Some jerk just pushed this kid’s books down and walked away. So I got up walked over and helped him pick them up. "Thank you." he said politely. "No problem, those kids are real jerks." I said staring over at the boys. I said goodbye and walked back to my table. "Why'd ya go help that loser." said my friend Cindy as she chomped on her gum. "He's not a loser. He's really nice, and his name is Andy." I said assertively. I didn’t understand how people could judge each other so easily without even knowing each other.
I didn't see Andy at lunch for the rest of the week. When Monday came I saw Andy in the hall and asked him why he wasn’t in lunch and he said I just get picked on and I have no one to sit with anyway. I told him I would sit with him and he finally agreed to come to lunch. "Hey Cindy, Andy is gunna sit with us at lunch today." I said excitedly. "NO WAY, if the football team sees us sitting with him they never invite us to their parties." She said as if it were life or death. "Wow Cindy, you just don't get it do you." I said as I shook my head. "What?" she said. "Why is Andy a loser... because the football team said so? I just want you to think, think about if you were in Andy's position, wouldn’t you hope someone would be nice enough to go sit with you." I said as I walked away.
That same day in lunch I walked in with Andy. As I walked in I looked at Cindy, she pretended she didn’t see me. Andy and I sat down at a little corner table. It was weird; this was the first time in two years I was sitting in a different table. As we were opening our lunch bags, one of those jerk football players took Andy's sandwich ate a big chunk of it and threw it out. I saw the look on Andy’s face and I knew I had to say something. "HEY!" I shouted. "Why do you have to be such a jerk?" I was now standing on my chair. "If anyone in this lunch room has a problem with bullies, stand up on their chairs right now!!!" I screamed across the lunch room. "Don't worry no one’s going to hurt you if you stand up, just please stand up if you’re against bullies!" I saw some kids in the back I knew wanted stand up, because I know they’ve been bullied. Then I looked over at Cindy, she was already up and pulling her chair over next to mine. She grabbed one of the football players lunch trays and dumped it in the garbage. "Doesn't feel so good when you're the one being bullied, does it?" All of the sudden those kids in the back were standing and Andy was standing too. Soon the whole lunch room was standing on their chairs. The football players were so mad they stormed out without saying a word.

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