Lovely Rain

March 30, 2012
The rain is pouring down, wetting my hair, my clothes. The sky is beautiful above me—dark grays and light grays blending together. Just lovely. I lift my face up to meet the rain, closing my eyes and feeling it run down my cheeks.
I am happy. So incredibly happy, standing here in the middle of the street alone with the rain hitting me softly. It wasn’t long ago that I was curled into a ball, crying about everything and nothing all at once.
But I’d learned to love life, learned to embrace it for everything it is. Learned to embrace the good and the bad and the ugly and the beautiful. I’m only 14. I can’t change my life. Not drastically. But I can change how I view it. I can change my view of everything. Even of something as simple as the rain. Instead of viewing it as something that ruins make-up and hair, and makes you cold, I choose to view it as something that supports all life and is a miracle and absolutely beautiful.
And it is just lovely, I think, watching the rain bounce off the pavement and make everything glisten. Just lovely.

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