The Unwanted Intro

March 16, 2012
15 years earlier

“Okay, so who’s going to lead the rebellion?” Pete asked looking around the room.

Natalie had thought of the plan months ago, but never put it in action. Over the past seven years people have been trying to escape the island of Silver, but nobody had ever been successful.

“I’ll do it.” A voice said from the crowd of people, it was Mandy. “I’m the slowest and weakest of all of you. If I die it won’t make that much of an impact.”

“Mandy.” Pete says trying to protest.

“No Pete. My mind is made up. I’ll lead the rebellion, even if I die trying. Besides someone has got to tell the public what’s going on.”

“Are you sure about this?” Pete asked. Everyone in the crowd seemed worried. What if it failed? What if we all died? If we did escape, how would we tell the public and not be sent back here?

“Nothing bad will happen if she stays, Pete.” Natalie now stood before the crowd. “Trust me.” She reaches into a pack she had over her shoulder and tosses Pete a journal. “I found this in one of their cabins.”

Pete flips through it, skimming the pages. “It’s just a journal.” He says.

“Not exactly. I spent the last week reading this carefully. The person mentions “experiments” about a dozen times and how they’ve all gone wrong. Pete, we’re the experiments, all of us are.” She says turning to the audience, then back to Pete. “Look at the last entry.”

Pete flips through the journal. It must have at least been two hundred pages long. “April 2.” Pete reads. “Captain orders that all failed experiments be destroyed over the next month. He wants no evidence of them ever living. He hopes he can keep the newer ones a little longer.”

“Pete, Mandy has only been here a week. They haven’t even found out what kind of power she holds, unlike the rest of us. Even if she rebels they won’t kill her. To them she’s the Holy Grail and we’re all just dead meat. What do you think happened to Tina and Jake? They were here for almost twenty years.” Roger, a resident of Silver for fifteen years, says.

Pete looks shocked, and then he just nods in agreement. “Your right. We all knew it would happen eventually, but we never wanted to believe it. We have to get out of here, tonight. This is how were going to do it…”

Eight hours later

“Mandy, are you sure you want to go through with this? We’re risking innocent lives.” Pete says as Mandy prepares the rebellion.

“Pete.” She says. “They won’t hurt me, but you guys only have a few days before they were going to kill you. Why not die fighting?”

Before Pete can argue, a young woman walks up. “Mandy, Pete, Natalie and some other people would like to see you in the mess hall.”

“Thank you Jenny. Tell them I’ll be right there.” Mandy says. “Now Pete if you don’t mind I have a meeting to go to.”

“Yeah, me too.” Pete mumbles.

The guards watching us have no idea what their in for. Half of the population of Silver is planning a rebellion. There are only about six guards on duty, due to budget cuts. When I first got here about fifteen years ago when I was thirteen, there were twenty-six guards. Six were watching the people at each cabin. Then two were in the control room, and six were in the research lab. Now there is only one watching each cabin, two are in the control room, and one is in the research lab.

When we got to the mess hall we saw there was a guard in there. That made me a little more alert. Even though he was half asleep. Natalie and some other people I recognized sat around a round table.

“Hello Mandy, and Pete.” Natalie says smiling in a really odd way.

Mandy even found it odd.

“Umm Hi?” We both say awkwardly.

“Oh Pete, Mandy this is Bailey King.” She said talking about a young girl most likely in her teens.

Bailey had looked very familiar to me with her long red hair and bright green eyes. “Just call me Bae.” She said.

“Bailey is Tina’s daughter.” Natalie explains. “She’s only thirteen and she wants to get out of here, badly.” Bailey nods in agreement.

“Okay, so has someone told her our plan?” Pete asks.

“Yep, Natalie did.” Someone says.

“Okay, then lets take action!” Mandy whispers. “Natalie! You ate my food!” Mandy yells.

“NO, that food was sitting their unguarded and lonely!” Natalie’s eyes blaze with “anger”.

The guard becomes alert and gets walks this way. Pete and another guy, Rafe sneak behind him to the security cameras and place duck tape over them. I walk behind the guard and right as he’s about to interrupt the fight, I pinch a pressure point by his neck and he goes down to the ground.

Everyone else in the mess hall sees this as their chance to flee so they take it, sprinting out of the room. From now on it all relies on indistinct and the ability to think fast.

I race out the down with everyone else and turn right in the darkness toward the fence and toward the water where several unmanned boats wait for us.

The fence is barbed as you would suspect, but there’s a hole that someone dug up to go under. People try to race to go under, pushing one another to get through. It’s crazy!

A shot fires in the distance, followed by several more. It just sets everyone into more panic. People start fighting with each other physically now.

I get to the fence and squirm under it, sliding through. A hand reaches out for me, it’s my friend Jackson. “Not everyone is going to make it out alive.” He says in his calm and mellow voice.

“Yeah, we should take a boat while we can.”

We run together for a boat. We made it onto one just before it left. Shots go of in the distance and the boat speeds away. Other boats follow us, with more people. I finally feel free.

One shot breaks the wonderful silence and I hear Jackson grunt. I look over at him and he’s clutching his side. I move his hand and I see it, he’s been shot….

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SilverSun said...
Apr. 5, 2012 at 12:00 pm
OK, so i definetly see youve got an amazing idea and a great style. What you need is fluency and more of a readers understanding. I did really like it tho! Very interesting idea and intriuging ending 
Writer_Jordan said...
Apr. 5, 2012 at 11:59 am
As I read this, I see a movie! The flow is so even and smooth, the descriptions well placed yet limited. Can't wait to read the rest!
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