Tic- Toc...

March 27, 2012
By justaperson BRONZE, Basel, Other
justaperson BRONZE, Basel, Other
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Tic- Toc. As time goes by my life doesn't change, my wounds don't heal. I cry softly trying to imagine myself in a better place. But when I go further into this dream world I remember the past. My dreams had my sister and I running through the valley like we used to, sharing secrets and dreams. Her beautiful curly brown hair rolling down on her back. Her honest and true green eyes looking at me innocently. I remebered the simple times of laughter and joy. I smiled, a secret smile that she would have seen and grinned back, knowing what I felt inside.

Then, suddenly it all goes wrong. My past became dark. We were laughing and playing when she fell over, she hit her head. We were too far from a phone to call the ambulance so I had to run to my mother and make her call, she was far, and I was terrified. The ambulance came too late for her to have been healed quickly. And now, I awake next to her, in the hospital thinking of what I could have done. And thinking of when I will see her sweet, innocent smile again, when she will come out of her coma, or what I like to call her dreams.

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