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She read the letter again, unwilling to accept
what her best friend had written.

"Dear Hanna,

Hey. Just thought I'd let you know that
you mean the world to me, and I've been in
love with you since 8th grade. I never told
anyone your secrets, or judged you for
them. Remember how we met? It was 7th grade.
We had this weird relationship where we
weren't friends, but we weren't enemies; we
always teased each other. 8th grade, everything
changed: almost past that awkward stage of
voice changes and new curves. I fell in love with
you that year. You saw me as a brother, while
I saw you as the best thing to happen to me.
I never told you because I didn't want to ruin our
amazing friendship. High school was hard. Jealousy
came over me when a new boy came around and we
had our fights, but we always made up in the end.
Senior year, I was so scared that you would forget
me after graduation. I went off to boot camp…
A month later, you wrote me a letter! We wrote
back and forth and your letters kept me going.
I am going to ask you to be my girlfriend once my
time in the Army is done. I hope you will say yes.
I pray to God you will never read this letter. Once
I went active, I decided to write a letter just
in case something bad happens. If it does, just
know that I love you forever.



After his letter was the one from the Army. He was
killed while protecting a little girl and her mom.
They gave their condolences, but nothing could make
this bearable. She fell to her knees in shock as her
heart shattered like glass.

"Why him?"

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