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Kissing Dragons

Scorching hot words, like jets of flames, leave his lips as he roars in my direction; his armored body and heart allows him to feel nothing as I try to calm this beast of mine. His hand shoots forward, swiping across my cheek and leaving a thin line of red in its wake.

He loves me.

I wince and pause, my eyes filling with tears, as his deafening roar fills the emptiness, leaving me in despair. My dark dragon is no longer happy with me.

He loves me not.

What can I do to soothe my beast's fiery rage that bubbles over like molten lava, a rage that turns everything in its wake to burnt ash?

"Stop. Don't do this; this isn't you, Jakob," I plead, making sure to avoid his hands, which are curled into claws- I do not wish to be hurt again. "Come here. You can lie your head right here, over my heart, and- and we can stay like that till morning. Like how we used to."

He pauses, his stormy grey eyes unblinking and full of an eerie calmness- like the calm before the storm- before he consents to my wish. With a toothy grin playing in his lips, he lies his head on my knees, closes his eyes, and listens to my lullaby of great dragons and woeful princesses forever stuck in the tower to never be saved.

He is calm, peaceful, at ease. His heart's heavy burden is cast aside for the night as he gets lost in my voice, and all thoughts of the black and blue bruises decorating my arms are forgotten as my saddened song fills the sky, leaving behind a melodious echo.

When morning comes, I will go back to loving and kissing the dragon, even though I know I'll only end up with countless burns and marks that will always stay with me, like a bad memory.

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