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The Rainbow Haired Girl chapter 2

I jumped on my motorcycle, just as my phone started ringing my least favorite ring-tone to it was my brother's. It's not that I hated my brother, well yeah it was. He just had such an ego, he acted like he was so much better than me just because he was a year older than me. "What ?" I questioned "She's a beauty. But the rainbow hair is a lil odd." My brother Jaxon replied I looked at Ashley as she walked down the sidewalk reading the book I'd given her. I smiled she really was beautiful, maybe I should ask her out ? "I dunno I like it." I said still watching her as she flipped her braid turning her head. "Yeah maybe if you put on some big boy pants you'd have the courage to ask her out ." He teased and I could just imagine him rolling his eyes " Maybe I will ." I said irritated " Yeah but after awhile she'd get sick of you and cheat on you with none other than me ." He said all cocky I rolled my eyes " Yeah right ." I stated as I started to pull out of the parking stall when out of nowhere a Hummer pulled up blocking my way. " Jaxon move !" I said mad I was so stupid it's not like he was a physic. I should've known he was here " Uncle Rodger wants to see you ." He said I didn't have to turn to know he was smiling " Fine ." I replied hanging up I started following his Hummer as we rounded the corner I saw Ashely. She was smiling not paying attention to anything other than her book.

I had to admit Jason irritated me but he did have great taste in books. I walked down the sidewalk letting the summer sun shine down on me. I smiled remembering Jason's green eyes, someone honked I jumped looking to see who it was. A Hummer was blocking the walk way, the passenger side window slowly rolled down. " Hey do you want a ride ?" A cocky guy asked he must of been around my age, something about his eye's looked familiar. " I'm good ." I said looking to see if anyone was around not a soul in sight crap what do I do ? " Okay suit yourself but there's air-conditioning in here ." The guy said smiling " Again I'm good ." I said as I started to walk around his car " Jaxon leave her alone ." Jason yelled from what I assumed to be his motorcycle and for some reason I felt relieved that he was there " Whatever ." Jaxon muttered as he almost ran me over. What a Jerk ! " Sorry my brother has no manners ." Jason replied as he let me walk across the street. " Thanks ." I said as he started to drive away. I should've asked him out he was so sweet and at the same time so irritating. I shook my head even if I had asked him out I'm sure he would of said no. He doesn't strike me as a one girl kinda guy.

I had another chance to ask her out. Why didn't I ? Jason your so stupid ! I rolled my eyes, I was the only guy in my family who didn't have a steady girlfriend. Or if your Jaxon steady girlfriends, how he managed that one was a mystery to me. I heard someone honk, I jumped looking to see who, just as I slammed into Jaxon's car. Pain shot through my leg, and my head was pounding. I slid my hand to my forehead, I felt something warm and wet that's never a good sign on anything. I pulled my hand back looking at it, it was the color of strawberries, I should've worn a helmet . I felt myself slowly slipping unconscious.

I ran into the hospital, I was late. But then again I was always late for work, I had just graduated nursing school . "Ashely we have a motorcycle accident coming in ." My friend Samantha yelled at me . I slipped on my scrubs " How bad ?" I yelled back now running toward the ambulance entrance. " Fractured skull,broken leg,burn marks on his left thigh, and unconscious." Samantha yelled even though she was next to me. I stood waiting for the ambulance to arrive " Ashely you'll need to cut him out of these ." Doctor Johnson yelled at me pointing to the mans jeans. I shook my head yes, running over to help push the stretcher. It was Jason great the one time I have to get someone out of their pants at work and it has to be Jason. I felt myself begin to blush, I shook my head this was not the time to let my personal feeling's get in the way. I grabbed the scissors and slit his pants off. " Fruity Pebbles ?" Jason asked looking at me " Yeah ." I replied focusing on making his leg stop bleeding " Will you go out with me ?" Jason asked then passed out again. I bit my lip to keep from laughing.

My whole body ached, I opened my eye's only to see blurry lights. I looked down, where were my pants ? Then I saw Ashely she was dressed in scrubs man this must be heaven. This is your third chance ask her out ! " Fruity Pebbles ?" I asked making sure it really was her " Yeah ?" She answered immediately. Do it you big baby ask her out ! " Will you got out with me ?" I asked I could feel myself slipping unconscious again. No ! I have to hear her reply. Just five more seconds please !

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