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Moon Warriors

Aiming my arrow towards the tree, I pick a target and then release.
Thwap! The arrow hits the middle of the tree and sticks there. Enough Practice for the day. I walk over and retrieve the arrow. It comes out after a bit of tugging and the wood leaves a splitter in my hand. I tug it out, with a bit of force, but it comes out with a prick of blood rising to the surface just behind it. I put my palm to my mouth, like she did, so gently licking the blood up and then sucking a bit to stop any other bleeding.
It is so much like her, I cant stop the flood of tears that start to flow or the memories that come with them.
I try and pull the string back as far as it can go, but my little arms have only so much strength and I finally let go, with the arrow pitifully falling to my feet. Then my mom pops her head out the kitchen window of our small cabin.
“Dinner!” her voice rings through the clearing that our cabin is in. Around our wood house is a river ring that comes form the left, circles the house, then disappears in the back. Our house is smack dab in the middle of the land strip. I turn from the bridge and yell back,
“Coming!” I bend and pick up my arrow then run into the house. Its just me and my mom in this house, but anyone more and we would have no room. After a small dinner of fish and rice, I go to my room, which consists of a bad and truck with a wardrobe too. I mess around until I go to bed. The day didn’t matter, just the night.
Sometime after I went to bed, my eyes shoot open when I hear a blood-curdling scream. I throw back the quilt and fling open the shudders on my window. From my view I can see the bridge and I see a tall, shadowy figure dragging my mother to the bridge.
“NO!!!” I didn’t even realize at the time that I had said that. I run outside, grabbing my bow and arrow as I went, desperate to save my only living blood relative. When I get out there, I don’t care about the full moon illuminating the world, the cold ground under my feet, the shimmer of the river, all I care about is the thing dragging my mom. Now that I can get a good look at it, I see that it is grey, with sunken in flesh, like its all bones. The thing I remember most are the cold blue eyes, piercing my soul.
It looks at me and opens its mouth revealing its sharp teeth, stained with blood. Then my mom said the weirdest thing. Through her gasps, and in a breathy voice, she said,
“Don’t hurt her! She isn’t one of us…” The thing seemed content with that and continued dragging her.
“DON’T HURT MY MOM!!!” I scream as loud as I can and then I fit my arrow into my bow and pull back, then aim and let go. The arrow goes a little ways, and lands in the ground near its foot. Without missing a beat, it raised a clawed hand, then slices my mothers thought. I remember thinking how I had no idea that blood was that red, or abundant. Then it hit me and I cried out with rage, such anger I felt like I could scream. I did, then fit another arrow into my bow and pull back so far I almost break the string, and release. I hear the arrow slice the air, then I hear a screech so loud, birds fly form the trees in swarms.
I hit it right in the forehead. If falls down so hard, I hear and feel the ground shake a bit. Then I collapse and start crying. I crawl over to my mother’s body. It had cut right through her neck, decapitating her. I pick up her head and sob like my soul is being ripped in half, cus’ it is. Before I know it, a man in black shows up. I didn’t remember anything about him; I could only think that his clothes are the same color as my moms and mine.
“Tisk, tisk, tisk. Such a shame that she died so young. She was a strong woman. But you’re her daughter aren’t you?”
I remember nodding, but not feeling it.
“Great! How would you like to hunt down those things and kill them all like you killed this one?” That thought filled me with a feeling it shouldn’t have.
Glee, Longing, Rage.
Then he handed me a vial of a crimson liquid with some purple in it. It shimmered so amazingly, I had no idea what to do with it.
Drink it.
I did then I blacked out.
That’s how I got my job, as a Moon Warrior.
I kill demons, yomas we call them.
I do it cus’ my mom did it.
And died doing it. I want to seek out every yoma and kill them all for the pain they caused me.
I want them to suffer.

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dbacksgirl29This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Jan. 4, 2012 at 7:16 pm:
I really like the idea behind the story and I think it will make a great novel! I love all your work and this is no different. :)
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