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Something Beautiful.

Their beauty is transient, comes and goes in the passing with time. So indulged in their wordly affairs, they forget to look around. What is beauty if not inside?
Perfection is no beauty, it only exists in one's utopia. And if one must, what is perfection if not inside?

I looked around the room. The furniture had not been changed ever since Noha was born and she was going to turn seven next month. The frayed ends of the curtains swept the floor in the light breeze. I looked out the battered window, there was no white picket fence, no garden. I sat down on one of the three stools, lining the wall on the other side of the small television. This was not what I wanted.
But with time, we mature and I have certainly matured enough to believe there were things much greater than just us, than the beauty of perfection.
Noha was at her grandmother's for the weekend and though i thought it would have been a relief, I missed her. I noticed I had already glanced at the clock several times and it had only been 3 hours that she left. I sighed and got up. A little handwritten note on the fridge caught my attention, "LOVE YOU, MOM AND DAD." I smiled at her innocence. I had heard, over the years, that it was not about the beautiful house in the suburbs, it was about the beauty of the happiness that usually came with it. But the concept is wrong there, I later realized, the happiness doesn't come with the house. It comes with the family, the bond.
Zuhayr was still at work. Even after eleven years of marriage, I still grew impatient without him. I was always already at the door by the time it was five, to embrace the man who left his world for us. The world full of worldly pleasures, his father's millionaire home. I grinned at his confidence, sometimes. To get to where we came, without any support, took some courage. Yet, he did it with a serene smile and an open mind.
It was almost five. I changed into a full sleeved dress, the burn on my forearm would not please him. I brushed through my tangled hair and splashed a little water on my face, keeping in mind the water will not be supplied again till tomorrow. I pressed down the front of my dress neatly and stood there, looking at the mirror. Smiling, I walked quickly towards the door and opened it to an exhausted accountant.
The instant he saw me, his expression changed. His face lit up like the sky on a summer morning and he leaned down to kiss me.
We did not have a Mercedes or a patio in the backyard, we did not even have a backyard, but we sure had something beautiful.

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