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The rainbow haired girl

I aimlessly wondered around the used book store, why had I listened to Kyle ? Kyle doesn't even like to read books. I turned to walk down the next isle instead I ran right into a girl with no joke rainbow hair. "Sorry" we both said at the same time. She Beautifully  smiled at me. " Ashley." She said as she held out her hand "Jason." I smiled at her shaking it "Nice to meet you." We said at the same time which made her giggle she had a cute giggle."I like your hair . It reminds me of fruity pebbles."I said  walking around her as I pretended to be interested in one of the books I had just picked up. She rolled her eyes and walked past me, really fruity pebbles that's what I came up with that was so stupid .


I'd seen the boy walk in he was extremely cute. He had short black hair gelled into spikes, and breath taking green eyes. I wondered around the used book store trying to find a good book when I walked right into him. He said my hair looked like fruity pebbles, that wasn't the worst thing I heard about it. I wasn't sure if he was insulting me or not ? I'd been insulted a lot even the old lady who worked here said "She didn't understand why a girl like me would do such a thing to her hair ." I didn't reply when you had a name as common as mine you had to make something about you memorable. "catch !" Jason said from the next isle over, I snatched the book just as it was about to hit the ground. I flipped it to see the cover The Mystery Girl it had engraved into it, I smiled walking up to the register. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jason walk to a motorcycle. 

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