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Fire and loss

Fire had burned everything, everything but me. Why did I have to go to that sleepover ? My best friend Ali had been pestering me for weeks so I finally agreed. That was my biggest mistake, instead of staying home like my mom wanted me too. I lost her my dad my baby brother I even lost my dog Nate. "excuse me but are you Zalie ?" A fireman ask I pried my teary eyes from the pile of ashes of what use to be my house. The fireman was covered in soot and I couldn't help but think which one of my family members remains he had on him. "yes" I replied looking into his baby blue eyes "I wasn't able to save much just this." He said holding out one of my mothers family albums "thank you." I was able to squeak out tears flood my vision and I couldn't contain the them anymore. I flipped it open to the first page looking at my mother and fathers wedding pictures. If this was all they could save I wasn't going to complain. I walk over to one of the fireman "excuse me." I said trying to catch his attention "what!?" He said irritated " Well sorry for wanting to know how the fire that killed my family started !" I shouted at him walking away "I'm sorry I didn't know." His voice gentle and soothing as if he were trying to calm a hurt toddler "just how did the fire start ?" I asked fed up " I think you should ask my boss." He said pointing to a. Old bald man "fine." I said irritated I rolled my eyes and walked towards the old man "excuse me I'm Zalie Yates. How did the fire start ? " I Asked looking at his boots "well I'm not able to give you an exact cause just that it wasn't an accident." He said his eye's baring into me "okay. Who called ?" I asked looking at my pajama bottoms realizing they were covered in ashes " anonymous caller." He replied looking at the family album I clenched in my hands I walked to the ashes of my house i walked to where my mother and fathers room should be I kneed down and cried I cried for my loss for their pain I cried because I had to I had just lost everything I no longer had a reason to live. Whoever did this had to pay they had to pay for the damage they could never undo. I cried  till I thought I couldn't cry anymore I heard someone clear their throat which jolted me out of my own world I turned to see a swarm of people around me all crying some taking pictures. I turned to the person I thought had cleared their throat "Zalie Yates?" A high pitched voice said. A woman with short black hair straight as a pole landing at her chin, in a work suite asked "yes." I replied my voice breaking "You need to come with me." She replied in a hushed voice as if she were trying to tell me a secret "Why ? Who are you?" I questioned in a whisper too "I'm with social services.I'm here to find you a place to live." She whispered as she tugged at my arm I hadn't given much thought as to where I should live now. I let her pull me up and help me walk to her car, I slid in. I couldn't help but take one more look at where my beautiful house had once been and where my wonderful family had once lived.

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