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This Too Shall Pass

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I watch through the wooden slits, my hands clenched tight. I want so badly to look away. I want nothing more than to tear my eyes away from the hideous scene, but I can’t move. I’m frozen to the spot; every inch of my skin colder than ice. My eyes burn, though. The tears burn, too. They singe my skin as they fall downward, past my open mouth. If I could bring myself to scream it would be a relief; a sudden note of my existence inside this tiny closet. But for the life of me, I can’t bring any noise to my lips. The air falls in and out of my mouth in a silent routine, coming heavier and sharper each time.
Please let it stop. God, please let it stop.
A dull ringing noise hits my ears and then I know I’m done for. There’s no end to this—no way out. It’ll be a miracle if I can even shake myself from this wrenched dream.
It’s not long until the second shot fires, leaving me empty and wounded. I watch through the slits as the robber turns to run, carrying mom’s ring in his clenched hand. I want to scream at him, chase him out the door, but I know it’s impossible. How many times have I tried before? How many times have I failed?
I feel my legs fold beneath me, and then I begin to fall in slow motion. And through the cracks I see their dead bodies. I see them lying on the floor, only a few feet away. I watch their empty bodies and then I fall to the floor, a dull noise seeping into my consciousness. I listen closer and hear it intensify, growing louder by the second. I’ve heard it before. I’ve heard it many times. I used to think it wasn’t familiar, but then I realized that, no matter how many times you hear it, your own pleading scream will never sound right. It will always have a hollow sound to it, and it will always wind its way into your head, rattling you’re bones. And it will always find you in the darkest of places, where even your soul can’t take it anymore. Because when everything else you’ve had is suddenly gone, you’re hollow, empty, scream is the only thing left to comfort you.
As I fall into the darkness that brings me back to reality, my scream becomes much more defined. It grows louder and louder until it’s insanely high. I feel it being pulled up from my lungs like putty and spread through the air like a virus. It infects anyone it reaches, bringing them down to my own depth, drowning them in my nightmares.
Jenny and Daniel come quickly running into my room, but I hardly notice. The only thing I can register is the noise vibrating through my head. And no matter how loud I scream, it’s never going to go away.
It’s the gunshots. One and then the other, repeating in my head.
The first hit my mother. The second hit my father.
They both destroyed my life.

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RosesRme said...
Dec. 13, 2011 at 5:43 am
I am struck by how vivid this story is, and this is only the PROLOGUE!?!?!?!?  If this was in a book, I would most definitely read it! WRTIE MORE RIGHT NOW!!! You are awesome!
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