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Moving On

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I felt so detached, just so upset. I closed the browser and shut down the computer. Leaning back onto my chair, i felt so big in my own world, fantasized by my own dreams when in reality other people lives are moving on. I switched on the computer and Google searched ''Why is my life so boring?'' but quickly erased it and shut down the computer once again. What was i thinking? That was one of the prime examples of my uninteresting life. The answer would always be Internet. Whenever i had questions, it would always be easy. What should I wear to the mall today? Internet. What is the day today? Internet. When i was bored, I'd just play online games and fed off cup noodles and drinking sodas and my mum would be all "When are you moving out?". I guess everybody was sick of me. Well, not everyone. I hardly had any friends other than online gaming friends but even their life were fun and interesting from what i just saw on Facebook. Travelling to Australia, having birthday bashes and well, having a LIFE.

"Mum, do you think I'm boring?" I questioned my mother, voice sounding desperate as i kept twisting and tightening my coke's bottle cap.
"Damn right you are," she replied almost instantly and emphasised by banging the knife hardly onto the carrots, slicing them. "What are you still doing here? Your 21, no college degree, no job, nothing!" she continued with her thick Irish accent "For years I've been telling you to get a job, get a house and start.." my mother went on and on when i just asked whether my life was boring. "And now your asking me if your life is boring? Get out of my hous-" I got up abruptly cutting her off and stomped back into my bedroom.
How can she say that i have nothing? I still have 4000 Euros in bank, all from my working days back in high school when i was still a bright and inspired student. The first thing I did was twitch my nose when i reached my room,gosh it was so smelly. My room was repulsive. I didn't even realised the mess on my bed, on the floor,
basically everywhere! Odd how i didn't even noticed them until now. I bent down and picked up empty noodle cups and socks that were discolored so grossly and smelled so revolting that i had to dump them all inside my near-full stinking trash can. So focused into cleaning, I didn't realised hours that had passed and my room was neat again. Only the outer parts though, i didn't even want to start on under the bed and inside my drawers today. With my room smelling a LITTLE bit better, i switched on the computer for beneficial purposes only. Googling colleges, i also searched for jobs.

"Here you go," my boss said,handing me my paycheck and continued scribbling onto his notepad.
I almost stumbled out of my seat causing my boss to reach over from behind his desk to help me up as if i just felled.
His panicked voice brought me back to reality "What's wrong?"
"Nothing!" I answered excitedly, clenching tightly onto my 7-month long paycheck, still staring at the number 7000.
As if reading my mind, he said "Well, you deserved the bonus. Plus, you worked long hours."
Looking up at him, i said "Can i quit?"
"W-what?" he stuttered in disbelief.
I explained to my boss about my future plans and seeming proud, he replied "As you wish, good luck."

"Mum, I'm leaving," I said to my mother that afternoon.
"Thank god!" she heaved heavily and loudly.
"To London tonight," I let her have it. "For college to pursue my architecture career," Let her eat more. "Goodbye mum," HAHAHA, GOODBYE B****, finally, the day i was moving out.
Eyes so wide, she said "Where did you get the money?"
"Remember those times i told you i went out to play computer games with friends every day and night? Well, i was working. I want you to be proud of me mum. Please be when
i graduate, mum." I said proudly, saddening every moment as i thought of leaving my mother who tolerated with me all these times even if she was always shouting at me.
Tears welled in my eyes as she said, losing breath "I am now Kaitlyn, oh my god, i cannot believe my only daughter is moving on! Your father would be so proud of you!" she hugged me so tightly that i never wanted to let go.

That night, my mother followed me to Dublin airport. She was so sad, doesn't seem at all to be wanting me leave her house all the time. I was also feeling glum, i had always imagined the day i would leave my mother as a happy day as i would be proud and have no sympathy towards her at all and she would be crying her lungs out but i was so, so wrong. We were both crying our lungs out just now. Right now, no longer leaning back onto my chair back in my old bedroom, i was leaning back onto the airplane sit. Tomorrow, my journey begins in London in one of the world's top architecture college, the Royal College of Art. Life will be so much better when your moving on.

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