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"Rebecca" Is Not A Nerd

Bekki had just gotten the last of her gear on as her boss walked over to her.

“Bekki,” Dog said to her, “I want you to go out on this hunt with Baby Lissa but you’re in charge.”

Bekki was shocked, she had only been working with the team for a year. She didn’t think she had the experience to be in charge of a hunt.

Baby Lissa walked over to Bekki with a grin ear to ear, “You ready to head out?”

Bekki nodded smiling and reached for the file on the person they were hunting for off of Beth’s desk. Beth gave her a smile of encouragement. Bekki handed a copy of the photo to Baby Lissa.

“I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be,” she leans closer to Baby Lissa, “I’m really nervous.”

Baby Lissa smiles at Bekki and drags her out the back door to her SUV, “Don’t worry about it. You’re going to do great Bekki, Dad really thinks you’re up to it, Young Blood, Leland and Duane Lee agree too. Dad was going to have Leland go with you instead of me, but I convinced him to let me go, so you wouldn’t be intimidated by Leland.”

“I wouldn’t be intimidated by Leland. I will never see myself as an equal of Leland or the others, but that is because they have been doing this for a long time. Come on,” Bekki says as she gets into the SUV, “Lets go!”

Baby Lissa gets in the passenger's seat. Bekki tapes the picture of the man they are chasing to the visor of the driver’s seat. She pulls out of the parking spot and drives to the first address they have. They pass by the beach and Bekki silently wishes she could be laying on the beach instead working on her tan, but, that thought quickly goes away as she remembers she is in charge of this hunt. She suddenly feels as though she should be making small talk, the leaders of the hunts always make small talk.

“Lissa, what is his name again? I can’t remember,” Bekki asks.

“Jeff,” Baby Lissa replies.

It becomes silent between them again. Bekki lets it stay because it isn’t an awkward silence. Bekki stops a couple houses away from the address. Bekki and Baby Lissa step out and walk down the side of the road towards the house. Dog sent the two of them because he was pretty sure that this hunt was going to be really easy.
“Take the back,” Bekki says to Baby Lissa. She nods and cuts through the neighbors yard to the back of the house in case he tries to run. Bekki moves towards the front door and knocks on it.
“Da Kine Bail Bonds looking for Jeff,” She says as she knocks again. She can hear someone moving towards the door and she steps away from it bracing herself. Suddenly someone came bursting out the door running into her trying to get away. Bekki reacted with cat-like reflexes and grabbed onto the person’s arm. The person, who she quickly identified as Jeff, tried to fling her around much like a dog would with an old worn chew toy.
Bekki doesn’t let her grip slip and twists his arm behind his back. Jeff yells out in pain. She pushes on his back so he is laying on the ground. She quickly cuffs him and pulls him to his feet. Baby Lissa comes running around the side of the house.
“Wow! Good job Bekki!” Baby Lissa praises Bekki.
“Thanks,” Bekki says as she put Jeff into the SUV.

Later when they are back at the office and Jeff is at prison Leland walks up to Bekki.
“Hey Rebecca,” He says with a grin. Bekki frowns at him, he knows she hates it when people call her Rebecca.
“Yes Leland?” Bekki asks.
“You did a good job today Bekki. I honestly always thought people named Rebecca were boring nerdy kids.”
“Thanks? I think.”
Leland chuckles and walks off.

Bekki starts going on her own hunts and being more active in the group hunts after this hunt.

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