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A Teenage Girl

It was 2010 and for a young teenage girl going into her freshman year, it was the worst of times. It was simply the age of foolishness.

As she went through the halls at school, she entered a new kind of life. A life that was full of embarrassment and torture. She was no longer in the comfort of her own home. She couldn’t wear her sweat-pants, sweat-shirt, or her fuzzy socks.

In the morning, to get ready for this different life, she would pick out the clothes that are skin-tight and attempt to shock the boys in her classes with the physical attraction. However, to show that she wasn’t completely “easy,” she would wear a golden cross around her neck to show how she is devoted to her religion. As she walked through the halls, it would seem that she practiced her bouncy, hip-swaying walk every day after school.

As she continued her walk into this new life, she would hear the foul words that were constantly repeated during this teenage phase. The words would be shouted back and forth, sometimes without reason. To feel cool and with the crowd, she would join in even though she knew that it wasn’t the moral thing to do.

But what is “right” and what is “wrong?” She ponders and ponders these questions day after day being unable to stop her constant curiousity. Other questions popped into her mind as well. For example, she would ask, “Do I like this person? Do I REALLY like this person? Do I REALLY, REALLY like this person?” and so on. After she answered such questions, she would ask, “Am I lying to myself about my feelings?” and her mind would just run around in circles like the way she ran around the halls in school for her different, strange life.

On some days, confusion would be the only thing she felt. Sometimes, she didn’t know what she felt or how she should feel. She simply never knew what to do because she was a teenager. That was a reason enough. She had two different lives; one at school and one at home. Life can be tough pretty often.

As much as possible, she surrounds herself with friends. A lot of the time, she just wants to get her mind off of herself because the more she thinks about herself, the more depression haunts her. The girl naturally has a low self-esteem and finds herself to constantly be around people who are “perfect” at so many things. She can’t find one thing she’s good at which makes her self-esteem even lower. However, as long as she has her friends and tries to help and focus on them, she believes that happiness can come her way. She knows that if love and care are there, she will get her happy ending.

Unfortunately, this young one must go to class. She learns about subjects that she feels she won’t ever need in her next life of having a career. In most of her classes, she loves the people she’s surrounded with; however, in others, it’s like a living hell. Each child that speaks with derogatory or simply annoying manner seems as if a flame had spit out of his or her mouth and quickly, the flame spreads throughout the class room. The next thing she knows is that she’s being burned. Sometimes, depression or plain discomfort may hit her during these times, but in this life, she would figure out that there is nothing she could possibly do about it.

After school, she would return to her home life. She would most likely change from her tight skinny jeans into some sweat-pants so she could feel like she’s free to move. Then, she might eat something seeing that she eats lunch around ten o’clock. Unhappily, she must return to the memories of the semi-horrid school life by turning to her homework.

Once her parents return home from their hard-working lives, they might ask her to do a number of small tasks to complete and she would make comments to herself under her breath about how lazy they are as she runs through the halls around her house.

Farther into the night, her parents might attempt to spend time with her by talking or watching television in the living room. However, a few minutes into the conversation or television show/movie, a parent would fall asleep and the girl would feel alone. She would wake her parent up and say, “Just go to bed. This is pointless,” and her parent would answer, “Are you sure? I’m sorry.” The girl would then respond, “It’s alright,” slightly hurt and insignificant and would either head to her computer hoping to find a friend she could talk to online or she would go to her own bed and sink into the life of dreams. Sometimes, a teenage girl just wants to escape from the real lives of foolishness she is buried in. She just wants to get away.

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