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Alarm Clcok Life

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Hello, my name is Clock. I know it is a lousy name. Trust me I did not want that name I wanted something cool like… um… what do you humans call him… ah yes, Dark Vader. Or something like that. Anyway, let me tell how I live my life so you humans can stop cursing and slamming your dirty hands into me. So here are my rules while I am telling you this story:
First: Never interrupt me while I am speaking to you. It is very rude to me. I am the sensitive type.
Second: Always life when I make a joke even if you think it’s corny. Well, I got news for you punk I don’t care just laugh.
And third: Never slam your hands or foot into me to make me stop speaking.

Now that I am done with the rules here is my life. Ever since I was a little mini clock I was always abused by you people. You curse, scream, slam your hands, and feet into me. I can never get rest either, but when you set a time you will wake up at that time. I don’t care if you are late to work or school. You people deserve what you get. Then my life turned around for a little while when I was a teenager or a medium size clock I met a person who never swore or screamed or punch me. I was so happy and his name was Robert Decker. I loved that kid, but then he kick me and I didn’t like him anymore.

My next owner was a girl named Holly and she hated me. Every morning she would slam her hand on my snooze button. So one day, I started softly then I would getter louder and louder and louder up to my full potential. So I started to do that every day then she got rid of me. A warning to anyone we, alarm clocks, always do that when you really frustrate us. I never met a new owner after Holly. Right now I am in the dump. I am surrounded by filthy trash and disgusting rats and mice. I’m just waiting for someone to come along to pick me up. But it is unlikely because I am stuck in the middle of nowhere.
So, there you have it, my story of my life. Remember, humans, alarm clocks are fragile. Be nice to us or you won’t hear the last of us. Also, remember I am still in this dump.

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