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Victory View

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The beautiful panorama view was spread out before me. The clouds looked like a soft blanket thrown across the sky. The rolling hills curved up and down and all around me. I was on the top of the only building that I knew of in this area. No one lived near here any more, and I liked the peaceful sounds that floated on the air around me. The birds sang sweetly, and the wind rustled the autumn leaves gently. Occasionally a brightly colored leaf would lose its grip on a tree and drift silently to the ground with other fallen leaves.

I walked to the edge of the roof and looked straight down. I realized that if I took one more step, I would plummet to my death. The thought scared me and I quickly backed away from the edge. I considered going to explore the remaining rooms in the house below me, but decided that could wait. The sun would be setting soon, and with the clouds above but still bits of blue sky in the west, it was sure to be beautiful.

The first room that I had entered upon arriving had a rusty suit of armor. There were gauntlets on the floor below where the hands would have been. The second room had a timorous mouse that scurried away when I opened the rotting wooden door, as though I was a truculent beast searching for a meal. Before I had left my home behind and come on this strange journey, I had been just as timorous as the mouse.

I thought back to what had started me on this adventure. I suppose it had been that I was a pariah, always left out of everything. Even though I had no more hope that he liked me, I had still liked a certain boy. I suppose he had realized this. One day, he told me to meet him at the regular teenage rendezvous meeting place. Instead of him meeting me there that night, a crowd of other girls and boys from my school did. It was a trick. To them it was just a joke, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I left in search of a new place and new people, hoping for a new life. I was an orphan, so there was no family to tell me to stay. I put my little paraphernalia in a sack and left.

The last thing I had done before leaving was climb up on the pinnacle of the school, on the top of the bell tower. I usually didn’t dare do anything so precarious, but I decided that if I was going to leave I had to do this first. I had always seen the bell tower as an evil silhouette against the bright blue sky behind it. I saw it everyday. I would much rather have flown away into that sky than enter the school with all of those sad and lonely feelings that went with it. I had to defeat it before I could leave forever, or I would always wish I had.

The view from this building reminded me of the view from the bell tower that day. I had a similar feeling. The sweet taste of victory. I could go anywhere, I wasn’t scared of what was to come. I knew I could do anything I set my mind to, reach any height. And something else I learned? I liked the view from up here.

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