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Chapter One of "Compassion and Compassionate"

Jasmine McGee stared at her cereal bowl for minutes. Cereal? Couldn't she get something like jam and toast with butter all over? That's how her parents ate.

Jasmine lived in a suburb area. No people she knew around the block, quiet area, and every night her radio would blast along pop music back from the 90's. She also lived in a beach house every summer, with three of her good friends.

"Dude. Why are you looking at your cereal bowl like that?" Meagan asked, giving her a "stink eye".

Meagan Washington was Jasmine's roommate and best friend. She also lived with Jasmine's boyfriend, Benjie Thomas. The real name was Ben, but that was their nickname. Benjie.

Then there was Lilly St. Patrick at the beach house including her brother, Jared St. Patrick and along with his best friend, Will Dudley. Meagan would usually tag along, so would Benjie.

Jasmine just stared at her bowl once more. She couldn't help it. She hated cereal.

"Because," she replied, without looking at Meagan.

"Then, WHY did you make it?" Meagan asked again.

"Because that's all we have for breakfast," Jasmine answered.

"Just go to the store then," Meagan suggested.

"We're almost broke," Jasmine said, "We have to watch our money."

Meagan got up to the kitchen and started washing her dish.

"So, going to the beach house this summer?" Meagan asked.

"Yep. Leaving in an hour," Jasmine said, "Aren't you coming?"

Right then, Jasmine could tell she was about to tell a lie.

"Can't," Meagan replied, lyingly, "I have to go to my... sister's house. That little seven year old needs to know I can't be with her every single day of her life."

Jasmine couldn't stand that Meagan wasn't going to the beach house.

"Alright, that's it." Jasmine spitted out, "You're coming to the house."

"But I can't," Meagan said again.

"You and your little excuses," Jasmine explained, "Trust me, you'll have lots of fun!"

Meagan gave Jasmine a strange look, and slowly walked out of the kitchen. Jasmine didn't know what she was thinking. Sister? No way. Meagan doesn't even have a sister. What could this mean?

The doorbell rang. Jasmine slowly walked to the door, sweaty palms by her side, and blinking eyes. Opens the door, and Will is standing right there with a bunch of rosy flowers.

"Hey, Jasie! You ready for this summer?" Will asked, excitingly.

"Yeah, and who are those for?" Jasmine asked, suspiciously.

"Meagan," he replied.

"Um, why?" Jasmine asked again.

Will stared to create a sad look, "You have to figure it out. It's kind of hard to explain."

Jasmine stood there, eye wattery. What happened?

She started to follow Will, about to go into Meagan's room. She didn't go in, she only sat up against the wall, and pressed her ear on. All she heard was, 'I'm sorry'.

Jasmine then saw Will walk out of the room, about to cry. What was wrong with Meagan? Why couldn't she just tell Jasmine?

Jasmine slowly walked into her room, looking down at the floor. She couldn't believe it. Meagan actually might be hiding something from her. She didn't know what is was, but no matter what, she was going to find out.

She was.

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