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The Locked Door

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It wasn't easy pretending to be asleep while they shouted in the other room. I could hear two high-pitched voices through the locked door. I hated them shouting at each other but all the same, I had got used to it. I could hear Selva's words ringing in my ears 'It happens, once they get separated everything will be back to normal.' Of course, I didn't believe her. I thought of Tamer and in an instant my heart filled with jealousy. His parents took him to last week on his ninth birthday. Whereas I was here stuck in my room trying not to listen my parents argue with each other. I could hear my mother scream. Perhaps dad was strangling her but then she always screams like this and dad hasn't strangled her. I remembered my last birthday when they finally agreed to take me to to a movie. I was so happy I couldn't help telling everyone at school about my birthday plans. The happy day arrived and I got ready. They had told me to wait in the car. I had waited and waited. And then, I heard them shouting. I had fallen asleep in the car. When I woke up I found myself in bed. Two packages were lying on my bedside table. Later, I had found that they had broken into an argument again since they don't want to go together. That was my seventh birthday.
Presently, I could hear some household articles being thrown in the next room. I looked across the room and fixed my gaze at the clock declaring twenty past eleven.... thirty past eleven.... forty part eleven....
Finally I drifted to a dreamless sleep.
I didn't want to wake up but I had slept enough. I kept my eyes shut forcing myself to sleep again. I don't want to wake up. No I don't. Perhaps it's school time but I don't mind missing school. I wanted to go back to sleep and forget everything. I wanted to remain asleep for years. I had read the story of Rip van Winkle who slept for twenty years. I struggled to sleep again and failed. My eyes were wide open now. I looked at the clock on the opposite wall. It was four in the morning. Everything was still; I couldn't hear any sound. I felt sick and hungry. There was nothing I could do. I couldn't change my life.

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