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The mind Dwellers

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My name is Cooper Mathew Richard Van Harring, amateur journalist. The day I met Miss Sunny Lunar, was the day I found out some people's minds are a world of their own. On May 19th 1996, I was told by my editor that there was A young woman who denied having schizophrenia but had an extreme phobia, being a journalist, I went to investigate. So Miss Sunny and I set up an appointment for the twenty first.

When I got to her home I was filled with awe. Her lawn was like walking into the secret garden!! An array of flowers lined the stone walkway, an army of aspen trees guarded the side of her home, leaving room for the windows of course. The grass looked like blades of emerald, and in the middle of the yard stood a proud olive tree with the most beautiful bird house I’ve ever seen.

When Sunny came out into the yard, she was wearing a handmade white gown, It had a simple design, but moved gracefully and elegantly. Her long black hair was done up in a braided crown atop her head. Her eyes were forest green, and her skin was a beautiful tan. “You’re Cooper Van Harring, Are you not?” She spoke in a quiet shy voice, I nodded. “Well then come on inside and we can talk more there.” .We walked inside of the house and It was just as beautiful and imaginative as her lawn, then we entered the living room, where I was served a plate of cookies and a glass of milk

“So about your.. phobia?” I asked, pulling out my pen and pad. “ Yes, Illsusiophobia, I like to call it, a fear of an… what some people call an unreal character. BUT HE’S NOT MY IMAGINATION, HE’S NOT!” I asked who she was talking about and She went I into the History of Nightmare and his demonic dog. The two were murder’s, they held the souls of their victims in the dogs soulless black eyes, and They had haunted her since she was a little girl of three years old, lingering in doorways, and window ceils, “the doctors say its schizophrenia, the therapist's say it's an over active imagination, but they’re real, they’re part of me!” I said I believed her, even though I wasn’t sure I did. “What do you go through with this phobia?” I asked. Sunny’s eye’s shifted to her feet, “Well Nightmare tells me, in his cold steely voice.” I thought that maybe she didn’t complete her sentence on purpose, and when I thought of a steely voice, I thought of the hiss of a cobra. “He tells me things, hateful things, trying to get me to be like him. He tells me to kill people, especially people I’m angry at. He told me to kill you, when we first met.” Now any sensible person, even a journalist, would become very distressed upon hearing this, INCLUDING ME!!. “But I didn’t! And I didn’t have to yell at him to shut up like I usually do, that only makes people run away. I’m not insane, I’m not! Sorry to go off on you like this.”
I remembered what Grandma Van Harring said to me years ago, about being nice to people who just have problems. So I said it was okay and begged her to go on about these two. “ well, I… we’re linked somehow. I can’t get rid of these two, they’re an alternate ego-“ This made me feel better about being in her house, if they were murders now, she couldn’t harm a fly; “ When I think of them I see their horrible eyes, knives, fangs, claws. I hear the horrible moaning of their victims, and sometimes I’m blurting out what I’m saying to him. Nightmare sometimes makes me wail with grief and fear.” Then I asked her the side effects that come with this fear. “ When I try to shut up Nightmare, I hold my head by the ears and shake it, but that only wakes the dog up and he starts clawing the back of my head, since I sealed them up there in an impenetrable iron prison. Sometimes they make me shack with fear, I’ll curl up in a corner, hold my legs, and weep.”
I thought of how awful it would be to live with such a character in your mind, and trembled. “That is a nightmare.” I said quietly, closing my note book. “That’s who he is…” Sunny replied then added; “problems I don’t know who controls who.” She looked up at me and smiled, finally relieved to get that off her chest.
And that’s the case of the mind dwellers.

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