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"B'cause she is a man. DUH!" yelled Stevie Colts across the lunch hall.

Okay, so if your a little confused of why Stevie just called me a man, it's because my name is Amanda, and these immature girls at camp want to make fun of my name and call me a man because I like sports. We are in 5th grade, so, naturally the girls are so immature and stupid.

"Yeah! She likes football. I mean, what girl likes football? Oh, and those jeans she wears? I mean, talk about baggy! She doesn't even own a pair of Skinny jeans I bet." said Snotty Ronnie.

Snotty Ronnie (aka Veronica Omen) earned her nickname, Snotty Ronnie because she is ever-so-snotty and stuck up. My best friend Andrew and I came up with the name for her last year at camp.

"Shut up Stevie! And Snotty Ronnie, don't think I am not afraid to scalp ya in the middle of the night!" I shot back.

Just then, the cabin administrators walked into the mess hall.
"What's all that racket? We heard you from across the hall!" asked Barbie, my cabin admin.

Snotty Ronnie stood up, "Oh, Amanda was threatening EVERYONE. I am scared for my life now." she said, with a ever-so-fake scared expression.

Barbie turned to me, "Is this true, Amanda?"
No doubt, Ronnie had a smug smile in place of her scared glare earlier.

"What?! Don't you know me, Barbie? I would never hurt anyone, unless I am playing UFC! Ask Andrew! And Sno- I mean Veronica was calling me a Man! And so was Stevie!" I cried.

"I am tired of all of your constant fighting. I am done! All three of you, pack up. Your leaving." said Barbie.

"Wow." Stevie, Ronnie, & I all said at once.

My summer was ruined.

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