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Everything I want and miss

You say goodbye as you leave. I look up through tear filled eyes. You don't see how much this kills me. I have to act normal so nobody figures it out.
I can't stay like this forever. I miss you and I know you see. I need you and I hope you need me. It kills me to know you're perfectly fine being alone, but I hate feeling so broken and alone. I wait for you to say babe don't cry, you know I'm not far away, but I know you'll walk away no tears in you eyes. I can't wait for you to turn around one last time.
"Gavin!"I cry.
"Huh, yea what do you need?" You say not one hint of sadness in your voice.
"You!"I scream happy to let it out.
I let my tears come out now. I jump in your arms because you knew it was coming. You hold me tight. Promising to never let me go. You wipe the tears off my face. I've wanted you to do that for a while, but you weren't mine so why would you?
"Maddie, I need you too."You tell me smiling
"So does this mean we're together again?"I whisper
"Yes babe, you know I love you."You told me
"I love you too!"I exclaimed
I was excited. I never thought we could put the past behind. You're all I ever wanted. WE'd been through thick and thin. I thought we'd hate each other by now.
I missed your cocky grin. I missed you're gorgeous blue eyes. I forgot how much I could see when I looked into them. I missed the way you'd say your nickname for me. Appearing out of nowhere screaming it. I immediatly knew who it was and I'd look up and smile.

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