if time could rewind

October 13, 2010
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There are a lot of things I wish I could take back if time could rewind, My name is drew and I am from a small town in Nebraska called Kearney where, lets just say the laws not always on my side, and I cant stay out of trouble.

Well here is how the story goes. It was last weekend in my kitchen when I thought the whole world was against me. I had gotten into a fight with my mom Christy on why I had got in trouble for cussing fighting and getting bad grades in school. Well I wasn’t really in the mood to have anybody in my face getting my temperature raised, and making feel any lower in the world then I already was. She started going on and on how she wished so hard I would straiten up my attitude and act toward the world and school and just do good. But as soon as she said straighten my act I flipped out, like I needed to change for the world. I think the world needed to change for me then maybe I wouldn’t have these kinds of problems. I ran up the stairs from the kitchen and into my room violently punching the walls and doors violently with a gritting in my teeth and stomping, taking the anger out on anything that crossed my path as I went to my room. I was so mad I didn’t know what to do all I wanted to do was leave and then it came to me. what was I waiting for I grabbed my sports bag filled it with three pairs of clothes some music and games and some accessories and my machete knife and waited till dark to leave and finally be free of the mercy of the world.
It was nine fifteen and it was eighty two degrees outside, I was in my room looking at what I was going to be leaving behind and started to laugh, a bunch of magazines, holes in the walls, trash, cans, and dirty clothes. Man what a dump I couldn’t wait to leave now. As I started down the stairs I had to make sure that she was out of sight and when I was sure she wasn’t going to see me I left out the back door and was on my own. As I started on my adventure on my on one thing struck me I didn’t eat anything since breakfast and I was starving with no food or water or shelter. Then it hit me I have a giant knife in my bag and I had on a hoody and some jeans on, I could rob a store for money and I would be set from there I walked for a good mile in a half until I came to a gas station with two gas filling locations and only one person was there working and I could easily get the money and go. So I walked in and walked around a little bit and the cashier said shouldn’t you be in bed or something and from there I was determined to rob this place. No ones telling me how to live my life anymore. I walked over to her while pulling my knife out the bag with out her seeing and said does this look like it has any value at all and as the cashier leaned in to see what I was talking about she backed up her face turned red she started shaking and she Got all wide eyed and I knew from there she knew what was going down. so I said all right just give me all the money from the cash register and in the back and then she cut me off she started trembling and shaking and crying with the saliva sticking from the top of her lip to the other saying p p p please d ddont kk kill me with tears in her eyes. And I said shut up with a big anger in my voice and said don’t tempt me. but while I was in the moment I dint here the police car pull up in the lot outside and I guess the cop saw what was going on and snuck inside and I saw a glare and then figured out that a cop was here from the cop car in the lot I turned around and before I could do anything this sharp pain like a needle going into the back of your head came and I started to watch as everything went black and I was out.whe I woke up I was in bed with no pillow it smelled like urine and it had white walls with blood stains on the walls a small toilet and sink and a mirror and it was like eight feet by fourteen feet. Then all of a sudden there was that pain and it was horrible. As I started up to the mirror to see what had happened I saw that I had stitches sealed up a four inch gash in the back of my head and it clicked all of a sudden that the cop must have knocked me upside the head with his gun and I must of needed to get stitches. Then all of a sudden my mom walked in and said why why why do you do these things to me. I buy you whatever you want and need no curfew or bedtime at night. Then she paused. You have got your self into a lot of crap and I’m sorry but I’m not in this one you are on your own. Maybe this could be good for you. But I cut her off and said get out. She looked at me said I will always love you no matter what and then she left.
The next day the guard came and got me so I could report to the main office to get checked in to the system for criminals and as he was doing so he told me my court sentencing and trial was in two weeks so I would be chillin in the jail till then. For the next two weeks all I did was go over my case and just think about what I could have been doing had I not been trouble maker.
Then the next thing I know the court day has arrived. The guard had me dress in nice clothes for the hearing and told me I would appear before a judge and to be respectful. As I entered the courtroom my heart was beating fast my palms were sweaty my knees were shaking and arms were heavy because I was nervous. First the judge started with the police description and asked me about all the statements made and if they were true or not and then as he was making things up the witness went to the stand to testify against me . she started telling lies of how I said I was going to de limb her if she didn’t give me the money and how I struck her in the face and tried to rape and sexually harass her and I got mad and yelled out before the court cursing her out saying tell the truth you wont get away with this. And the judge and told me to sit down and I did and as she went on lying I couldn’t take it anymore I jumped out of my seat over the table and went straight for her and was about to choke her out but the guard had tackled me to the ground and gave me two good whacks with his baton in the back and as I got up fighting the judge said I can see the witness speaks for your actions and right then and there I spit a giant loogy in his face with snot and nasty flem that I was saving for the guard right in his eye and then boom I blacked out.

When I woke up my court finally was posted in the newspaper and the guard just slipped it into the cell and I read that it said that I had two to three years in jail possible early release after six months and no bail and all I could think about is one thing. If time could rewind

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