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The Australia Life

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I’ll be a photographer. I’m going to my capture my memories. I’m going to bring bits of Australia back home with me. I’m going to be fine here, I really am. It’s my own adventure.

I told myself this before, yet I feel so doubtful now on this plane that’s flying me thousands of miles away from home. I don’t want to put down my bag. I’m clutching it on my lap. I was so confident yesterday. Today I feel like a child. I don’t belong on this plane where men sit with briefcases on their laps reading newspapers. They’re all adults. I’m not ready for this world yet. It doesn’t feel right at all.

I trace raindrop’s narrow trails with my finger on the window. The rain washes the dirtiness off the cold glass. Inside I am trying to wash away my bad memories, but it isn’t as easy. They don’t run off with the tears I cry silently to myself at night.

I’ve never been out of the US. And now, all by myself, I’m traveling into a world I know nothing about. Australia. A part of me recognizes it as home. My heart is what’s pulling me there, but now, on a train that’s next stop will be in Australia, far far away from the place I grew up, I’m not so sure.

I remember little about my mother, but I remember that she had an Australian accent and golden hair, like mine. She was fun and she wasn’t like my friend’s moms, who would take us to get our nails done or to the mall. Instead, my mom would take us to New Jersey beaches, where we would spend the whole day taking walks along the shore, even if it was October and the water was freezing for our toes. My mom told me that in Australia, Christmas was always spent on the beach with friends and family, and everyone wore Santa hats with their bathing suits. It never got cold and bitter there; the sun was always bright and warm. My mom was different and I was so proud of her.

I don’t know how she met my father, but they met somehow years ago and they got married and moved into an apartment in New Jersey, where my dad grew up. Then I was born and we were just a perfect family of three who went out to dinner and watched movies in the dark and loved each other.

I know things have been hard on my father since my Mom died years ago. It’s hard for me, too, and I have to see and experience the wonderful place my mom grew up in and loved. My mom talked about Australia so much and now I have to see this place that connects me to her.

This is an adventure. My adventure.

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Imaginedangerous This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Sept. 28, 2010 at 4:36 pm
Out of curiosity, have you ever actually been to Australia?
AllisonD. replied...
Sept. 28, 2010 at 5:01 pm
no, I've never been to australia.  But to me it seems very intriqueing and beautiful. Plus I love the wild animals there.
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