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The Australia Life: Chapter One

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My parents can’t tell me how to live my life or how to take care of my baby. That’s why I’m getting an apartment somewhere. In the bank: 20,000 bucks of college money that my parents made me save up since the day I was born. I don’t want to go to college. They can’t make me. Yes, I have plans with my life- to travel with my daughter and be a photographer. First is going to be a trip to Australia, once Zoey turns one. I probably have enough money. Maybe. I just need to get out of my dull life.

Zoey is sitting on the floor with a fat yellow crayon in her hand. She scribbles on her paper and screams “Aga!” when she finishes her masterpiece. My Mom and Dad tell me to never give a crayon, marker, or pen to a baby, because, well, what a disaster it would be if she scribbled on the floor or table or wall. When Zoey and I live in Australia, we will be adventurous, not afraid of crayon scribbles. We’ll be carefree and happy to be alive.

I click ‘search’ to find the apartment I’m looking for. My computer is old and slow and it takes a minute to boot up.

“A two- person apartment…” I say to Zoey, skimming over the details. “one bathroom… working stove and cooking appliances… no washing machine… front porch… quiet area”

She replies with a “mah” and I say, “It sounds too plain for me, too, but we need something temporary.”

I told my parents I wanted to move out but they nearly laughed at the idea, saying that I’m not responsible; I’ll be running back home again in two days. So that’s why I’m going to leave them with nothing but a note when I go.

I drag a musty- smelling suitcase out of my closet and I begin to pack things of Zoey’s inside it.

I turned twenty last week and my parents weren’t even home to wish me a happy birthday, or watch the baby while I went out with some friends. And when they got back from their trip, they didn’t say anything, either.

Well that doesn’t matter because I am leaving.
Dear Mom and Dad,

I mentioned to you I would be leaving soon, and I have found an apartment that Zoey and I will live in temporarily. If you would like to see your granddaughter, come over anytime. Sorry to be leaving you with such short notice, but I have to live my life and your way of living does not suit me. We won’t be settling in to our new home because I plan to travel to Australia. This is going to be our adventure. I do not live under your rules anymore.

Sincerely, your daughter.

I’m leaving the town where a boy made me pregnant and then broke my heart. I’m leaving my parents, who do not understand me one bit. I’m going to live my way from now on.
So why Australia? For the beauty, the wonder, for the freedom.

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Babylufin said...
Sept. 22, 2010 at 7:06 pm

Awesome. :) I love the whole idea. It's brilliant. Good job.

A few type-o's, but the story still overwhelmed it. :)

Please take a look at some of my work, and leave a comment, if you have the time? :)

AllisonD. replied...
Sept. 25, 2010 at 2:01 pm
Thanks for the nice comment :) I am working on the second chapter but I did make some changes to the storyline to make it better I read some of you stories. You are a really talented writer!!! Thanks again!
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