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It was the biggest party of the year. My friends and I got all dressed up, we’ve been shopping together and getting the perfect clothes for this very party. Everyone was invited to Michel Mark’s end of the year party, even the people you would never talk to, they were on that list. But if you didn’t show up, you were a loser, or an even bigger one.

The last day of school was a buzz with news, a lot of girls were crying because their parents had found out and now couldn’t come, and a bunch of boys were planning on bringing beer and anything of that nature. I was so glad my parents were cool with me parting, and my friends would have had a plan for me even if I couldn’t go. We were dressed to impress that day; everyone dressed in the clothes they were going to wear. But not her.

Jocelyn just came to school like it was an old day. It’s not like we were friends, but I didn’t want to see her embarrass herself. She was smiling with her own friends, that were dressed up pretty nice; not as good as me and my friends, but enough to know they were going to the party. She was in her ripped jeans and a plan black t-shirt that probably belonged to her older brother.

“Hey,” I walked over to her as her friends went off to class, “is t hat what you plan on wearing?” it was hard to believe that I had to ask her that. Everyone should be dressed up, it was cool.

She gave a light chuckle, “I kind of already put it on, so,,,,yeah.” Then she just began to walk away, “See you at Michel’s.” What a loser, was all I could think of as I watched her just walk to class. She chose not to dress up, and know would embarrass her self in front of the whole student body. Well, it wasn’t my problem; if she didn’t want to be cool, to fight in with the rest of us, fine. Let her have it her way.

The party was huge, I could barely move around without bumping into someone. My perfectly curled hair was swishing back and forth as I danced with a group of my friends. Everyone loved my clothes, since no one else had what I did. I became the life of the party. Everything was going great, until I saw her.

Jocelyn was just arriving, it was, like, ten o’clock and the party had started at nine. She was in the same clothes, except that now her hair was straitened and black locks cascaded down her back. I had to admit, if I could just get her to a good store, and get her some nice clothes, she would be the life of the party. Her dark blue eyes glanced at all the faces around her, until she spotted an empty spot outside to sit. I followed her out and nearly gapped as she just passed by every cute guy, just to sit in her spot in the back. Jocelyn just stayed in that spot; she was sitting on a swing that was hung by a tree branch.

She purposely avoided contact with anyone at the party. A guy tried to walk up to her, but she got up and walked over to the cooler and grabbed a pop, just to avoid him. She denied a cup of beer, that would greatly loosen her up and get her in the party spirit, and refused to dance with anyone, even her friends. Jocelyn just sat on that swing and smiled at everyone else having fun.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I walked over there with an angered face, “what are you doing?” Jocelyn looked up at me with confusion. I groaned, “You’re going to be a laughing stock. Go dance, have a beer, live a little.” I growled under my breath as she just laughed. “You know what,” I threw my hands in the air, “fine. Just be the loser Jocelyn, not like I care.” I stomped off hoping that my words did hurt her. She needed to at least try and fit in.

And then, Toby, walked by me. My all time crush and one of the coolest kids ever. He was captain of every team and about the smartest guy I ever met, but he wasn’t dressed up. He was in a regular pair of jeans and a black t-shirt, just like Jocelyn-

Just. Like. Jocelyn.

I looked over to see that he had sat down next to her and the two smiled at each other and began to talk like they had been friends since pre-k. I cold feel my face get hot, and my eyes began to burn with a horrible sting. I ran over to my friends to tell them that the Loser had gotten my man. We planned my revenge.

Jocelyn didn’t suspect a thing, she just sat at the swing waiting for Toby to come back with cake and more drinks. I nodded over to my friends Katie, and she gave me the thumbs up. I had a piece of cake in my hand, and a pop. “ Hey Jocelyn,” I smiled as she waved at me, with that stupid smile on her face. I smirked and gave her my best smile, “Here,” I smashed the cake into her face, “I got you cake,” she stood up quickly and wiped the icing from her eyes. “It’s a bit dry,” I dumped my pop over her head too, “so I got you some pop.” I smiled as everyone just laughed at her and it was going great….until she started laughing too.

At first I thought she was crying, but she was laugh. “you got me.” she wiped most of the cake off her face and just smiled over to Toby, who had just came back. “Look at what happens when you leave me here. I got caked!” She laughed harder and licked some of the frosting off her fingers. I couldn’t believe it when Toby came over and took some frosting off her face and tried it.

“You…you are a loser!” I screamed, “How can you not be embarrassed by what I just did?!”

“It’s just cake,” Jocelyn said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “And it was fun, why would I be embarrassed?”

“How come your as happy as me?” I asked with full seriousness. “I spent weeks coming up with this outfit, and spent all morning doing my hair. You…you just walk in here like your coming home from school. How come I have to strive to be as happy as I am, but you’re always happy?”

Jocelyn gave me a soft smile, “Cause I have nothing to work for to be happy. I’m a loser.”

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