Story of a Dead Girl

May 18, 2010
By 2beforgoten GOLD, Maylene, Alabama
2beforgoten GOLD, Maylene, Alabama
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I am not sure what happened, but he got me. I felt like life didn’t start to live again until I found him or maybe he found me. Maybe I was in a slump or dying form the heart out. Dying was a modest word for how I felt before he came along. I felt a spark of light went into me the first time he touched me. It was not just me, it seemed that the whole was a little bit brighter to me. It seem as if he saved me from my self.

Chapter 1
My name is Anna Thomas. I was 16, in the eleventh grade and I didn’t know what to do with my life before he for he saved me. My parents didn’t like me all that much then. I felt as if they didn’t care about me. They got divorced about 6 year ago. In that time I have only seen my mom about twice. I know what you are thinking; the mom abandons her family in this story. Well that’s kind of what happened. When I was 8 years old I woke up in the morning of Mother’s Day to make her breakfast. When dad woke and told me she wasn’t in bed we searched around the house and we called her cell phone. She didn’t pick; but it wasn’t just not picking up, it was that she was ignoring our calls. At first we thought it was just a mother’s day joke. Morning came to night, days pasted, then weeks started to past to and she never came home. I keep hope until 2 years later when she sent the divorce papers. She actually decided that she wanted to call. I remember the shock and the horror in Dad’s voice as he realized it was her. He yelled, “ Kathy! What the hell!” Then he left the room so I would hear him cussing her out. I hung by the door and the last thing He said was, “ What how could you just us like that, how could you do this!” Then I realized he had talked to her before, ever time he left the room to talk on the phone. Dad and I cried for a bout 2 hours straight. On that day I stopped calling her mom. On that day I lost my self in a pot of misery and depression. On that day I didn’t want to live any more.

I don’t have many friends. I have one best friend, Liana. She has been with me since we were born. She tied to help me though my hardest times. That’s when I think we stated drifting apart. She looks like a golden angel. She has brass colored hair that goes all the way down her back. Sometime I really don’t know why she hangs out with me. If you look at her she seems like she should be at the popular table not sitting with a depressed girls. We were never really like the same things. I never really liked sports. I never really went to any of the sporting events. She loved sports; she was a cheerleader.

At that time it to me it seemed that the world was crashing down on me. I remember this one night I woke up from having a nightmare about all the terrible things that happened that year. I ran down and I grabbed a knife and went back up to my room. I sat there for a while and cried a bit

The author's comments:
Sad but has a happy ending and not do yet.

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