It all started with keys.

December 16, 2009
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I can’t remember much about that night except for the lights…
“We were going down the free way at about 60 miles per hour; I put on my signal and glided on to the exit ramp. Elizabeth and I were going to my parents’ condo, they were on vacation down in Maui and we had the place to our self’s. Elizabeth was busy fixing her eyeliner, or mascara or something like that… well any way she wasn’t looking at the road, not that that’s a problem because she wasn’t driving but because I was to busy watching her to look at the road. The car was slowly swerving to the right and I quickly jerked it back into place. Just then I heard a strange sound coming from my car, I slowly pulled over to see what it was. Liz hadn’t been paying attention to anything but her face so I told her I’d be right back in but I needed to check the car. I was just un-buckling my seatbelt when I heard something else, screeching tires. I heard the impact before I felt it, Liz screamed and her makeup went flying, soaring through the air like a hawk, and then plummeting into the dash board. Next I heard the metallic screech of the back bumper being ripped off. Then I heard something I had never heard before, something between the cross of a shrieking girl in a horror movie and a cat being strangled. I looked over to see if Liz was all right but she wasn’t there, she had soared threw my wind shield and hurled out on to the street with such force that it was terrifying. I realized something, something terrible. We were still moving. The car was still moving. Next thing I new I was flipping, in the air soaring like her mascara, next my car is perched in a tree with me still in it. I looked down. Three cars, three drivers, one dead girl, Liz, my Liz, dead. I fainted, I thought I did anyway, but if I was alive how can I see Liz? Were dead, and it all started with the keys.

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