once upon a time in havana part 1

November 7, 2017

I entered the airport. I went straight to info desk and said:" excuse me. When will Miami-Havana

plane arrive?" "Are you waiting for anyone?" "So why do you expect me to ask this?" "It arrived

three minutes earlier sir." "What?" my face turned yellow. "How can I find him?" "Go search for him"

after so much searching, I finally found him. He was wearing a simple red shirt and sunglasses. I went

closer and said:" hi sir. " "hi. You?" "Let me guess. You are "Levi Fletcher. But it is wrong. You have

arrived with fake name. In fact you are Senator Macpherson." "Where do you know this?" I pulled

off a card out of my pocket and showed it to him:" I am a NAF agent. It stands for national agency of

….. Sorry. I can t say what F stands for. " "so what do you have to do with me? Huh?" "I must protect you until the last day you are in Cuba, sir." "What? Listen. I arrived with fake name and just for

amusement. In fact I doubt if NAF really exists. And you don t look like an agent of a national

organization. So please let me go." "So you expect me to wear a long black coat and sunglasses as an

agent?" "Don t take my time. Let me go." "Wait, if I weren't t a real agent, so where did I know about

your identity? Huh?" "How can a youngster with long hair and dirty white shirt protect me? How do

you want to protect me?" "I am not a strong and ready to fight bodyguard. I just ensure your

security of money and health. In general, I don t let anyone know your identity, sir. " "really?" "Yes,

sir." "Do you promise?" "Yes.

I said:" what a quiet house. Aren t you a senator?" "I can t trust any servants. I my own house, my

wife always cooks and does the housework. I sometimes cook, too. My cooking is not bad. Hahahah.

When I go to trip alone, I cook for myself."

The food Macpherson gave me

was not similar to what human eats. He himself ate it with pleasure and said:" mmmmm." Like he

was eating the hamburger in the world. "Mr. Macpherson. I must say something." "What?" "Don t

you take a shower?" "Aha. Yes. After the dinning." And continued eating that awful thick liquid. After

the eating was finished, I said:" Mr. Macpherson, you need a shower."

Macpherson was standing in front of a mirror and he was asking me to get ready. "I won t come."

"Why? Shouldn t you protect me?" "Nothing might happen to you in an amusement park, sir. But if

the house is empty, there may happen bad things." "Ok. Here I go. Bye bye!" that was the first time I

was in such a big house alone. I went straight to the bathroom. Pulled off the camcorder I was

hidden. I took the filmstrip in my hand and said:" oh. Macpherson, you are a dead man now!" and I

went out to put the film in the intended place.

It was 12 pm. I and Macpherson were playing chess. The door was knocked. I opened the door. The

man entered the house without any permission. He was wearing a long black leather coat with fur

collar and white silk shirt with dark silk tie. His hair was very well barbered. Macpherson asked:"

wwwwhhhhoooo is this?" "Oh, he is one of my coworkers in NAF who…." The man started talking.

He said in a charming voice:" I am Salvatore montano known as sally the big eyes, Mr. Fulfinante s

advisor. Thanks for putting the filmstrip in the intended place, dear buddy." "Sally?" shouted

Macpherson. "Yes, it is me. You remember me well. Many years ago, you taped my induction

ceremony into Fulfinante family. That video was soon destroyed, but we have got the vendetta. Now

it is time for revenge. Now I have your scandal tape, Macpherson." "Let me, why do you come here

and tell me this? It might be something hidden " "good question. Ok, now everybody has the tape.

Come on destroy this film. Tomorrow you can find it somewhere else." "Oh cruel! You are a criminal!

I will fight with you and your likes until I die, even if I be the most scandalous man in the world.

"better know that people like you who take trip to Cuba are saving money in the pockets of Cosa

Nostra!" sally turned to me and said:" come with me." "What?" "This is an order!" "yes sir!" we were

sitting on sally s car while seeing Macpherson s yellow face is starring at the floor and biting his

finger. "What is cosa nostra?" "I asked sally."You must not use this word. It means our thing, and you

aren t one of us." He answered.

"I sat at a table. On the table, there was a knife and a gun. In front of me, there were Fulfinante and

captains sitting in formal wear. Behind them there were soldiers standing wearing black long leather

coats. Fulfinante signaled to the advisor of the family, "vinchenzo guglilmetti" known as Vinnie. Vinnie preaked my finger until there was blood. He poured the blood on burning picture of st. peter.

Fulfinante said:" look at it." "It is completely burned." I said. "Yes. It is. You will be destroyed like this

if you break the omerta." "Yes." "Yes what?" "Yes, boss." "From now on, I am your boss and these

men are your family. But after your blood family. Remember, the both families should be important

to you. Both your blood family and Fulfinante family which is itself a part of large family of Cosa

Nostra." "Yes, boss." "Now you can greet the family." All of the men kissed me on my both cheeks in

order. I had never felt so good. That ceremony was what I was waiting for in all of my lifetime. The

ceremony was held at Vinnie s waterfront house. That night it was raining. In that rainy night, I left

Vinnie s house with a knife and a gun, and I hold them until now." Vinnie told me this, with his lovely

attractive accent. I looked at the window. It was raining. "Will this happen to me tonight?" I asked.

"Hahahah. No. here is not America. And you are n t Italian." He showed me his knife and gun. That

was my first time to see this stuff from so close. I knew I was in trouble. I blew out the candle in the

middle of the table and kissed my cross. "Help me, Madonna."

Yandel touched his short beard and said:" mmmmm. Let me see." And opened a scarb closet. In fact

sally had sent me to kill him. I took the paper out of my pocket and read it:" Yandel Luis morena y

baltazar" I knew the man was named Yandel, but I wasn t sure about his last name. He turned back

to me and said:" found it!" I put the paper on my pocket immediately. "Yyyyes, yannie." "Look. This

is his photo. "Michael satue" the most powerful man of the outfit. " "what is the outfit?" "The

Chicago outfit." "Chicago outfit?" "Is it very unfamiliar to you? Ok, let me say. In plain language it

means Chicago underground." "Do you mean he lives underground?" "Oh no. underground means….

Uh…. A secret group." "Wow! May I see his photo?" "Oh, sure." He was a middle aged man with

granny glasses. It was just face and his clothes were not visible. "It looks like a police mug shot." I

said. "It looks like that, but in fact this is a group photo which just its one piece is survived. Only god

knows which other people were in the photo." "So you fight with the Chicago underground?" "When

alcohol was banned in America, the outfit was founded to give people alcohol. But when their

business grew, they started doing other things. Young man, it s not our business to fight with them.

The problem is that we must cut their hands of Cuba." "what do you mean of them? The outfit?" "

not only the outfit, but all of American underground and our corrupt government with people like

fulgencio Batista in it, who have strong connections with them ." he put the photo in the scarb closet

and said:" we must destroy satue, everything will be alright then." And touched his beard again.

Azul got out of the car and told me:" get out." I got out. Hotel nacional was so large and tall that I

was about to get a headache. I remembered of when I first met Fulfinante there. Then I wanted to

become a mambo king but now all I wanted was to get rid of those people. I followed Azul. His

behavior was not similar to someone who is going to kill another soon. He knocked a door. "Come

in" I opened the door. I could see Michael satue. He wasn t wearing glasses like in the photo. But it

was himself. Behind him there were many well dressed men with guns wearing long leather coats.

He himself was wearing a striped white suit with white fedora. "Hi" Azul said hi. Me too. Azul started

talking:" finally I am seeing you again, Michael. Do you believe I am sent here to kill you?" satue

laughed. "Wow! What a brave rebel!" and laughed again. "Come on Azul. Come hug me." They

hugged together. "Who is he Azul?" "Don t fear. He is not dangerous. He is a simple kid." "And we do

not bother him" I smiled and stared at the floor. He continued:" but if he cooperates with us."

"What?" he gave me a piece of paper? It was sally s Cuba residence address. "What should I do

there?" "Kill him. Whoever he is."

I was breathing deep. I had ran at least one mile without stop. I could see a small village. I started

visiting there. After many days, I was a part of there. My job was singing awful songs written by

myself for those stupid villagers. At least they did n t ask me to do awful things. My income was

good. One day, Elena a village girl came to me and said:" do you really love the music?" "No, it s just

for money. And nothing else." "So why are you angry? I wanted to tell you that famous singer Valeria

is going to hold a concert in Havana three days later. My father, who is a driver, is paid to carry the

concert staff. I think he can….." "He can what? To get me a free ticket? Do you think I am in need of

these things?" "No, I am thinking of something else."

I was standing behind the door and listening to them:" in fact the problem is all about the guy who

destroyed your concert with his awful voice and act." I felt that his voice is very familiar to me.

Suddenly Elena arrived and said:" wow you were really great!" "Wait a minute." I said and entered

the room. To my surprise, there was Buchanan smoking a cigar. The curious Elena entered the room

too. "You, I have a guest for you." Said Buchanan. "Come in" sally entered the room. Buchanan told

Valeria:" go out if not I will destroy your work." "Yes sir." And she went out. "And you lady" "I won t

go out sir." Said Elena. Sally said:" ok. Leave her. You, I and Buchanan are searching for you in every

place. I sent you to kill him and you are singing duet with Valeria!" Elena s eyes were pulling out of

her face. I said:" before I tried to kill him, he ordered me and another guy to kill someone." "Who?"

"Michael satue." "What happened?" "My partner was turned out to be satue s man. And he asked

me to kill you sir .he gave me your Cuba residence address." "Where is he now?" "Hotel nacional."

"Take me to him. Right now. Buchanan will come with us too." We the three left the room and Elena

whose face was turned yellow.

We arrived at hotel nacional. I showed a room and said:" here he is" Buchanan knocked the door. A

man with long leather coat and a gun opened the door. Satue was lying on the bed. He got up and

said:" so you are here." Sally said:" I know that you sent him to kill me but now we must join."

"What? To join? The outfit and the Fulfinantes have got the vendetta for many years. This is

impossible!" "Listen Michael. We have a mutual enemy." "Who?" "The rebels. If the rebels win,

there will be no casino and no cosa nostra in Cuba. Listen, I have sent this man to kill a rebel leader

and he ordered him to kill you .so he is our mutual enemy. If we join, we can win the rebels." After

talking for minutes, finally Michael said:" hey sally" "what?" "Let s greet." And they kissed each other

s cheeks." Just come with us. I know where he is. "said sally.

I and Elena entered the room and said hello. The man said:" hi. You are here ! ok, now I tell you

everything. But you must promise to never tell it out anywhere." I put my hand on the table and

promised. Elena did too. "ok, let s start of hotel nacional. Who do you thing has founded it? huh?

"president Fulgencio Batista" said Elena. I nodded. "in fact he has a partner." Said the man."Meyer

Lansky, financer of Genovese family. One of New York families. Today, their boss Lucky Luciano is

spending time in Naples, Italy and he is managing the family business from there." "where is this

information from?"I asked. "well, in 1946, Lansky gathered all of the

American mob bosses and even Luciano from Italy in hotel nacional to discuss the mob business.

Then I gave Luciano a small home at suburb and he was so loose lipped that he told me everything."

"so you have really visited Lucky Luciano so far?" asked Elena excited "yes I did." Answered the man.

"was he handsome?" Elena asked gain. I cut her talk and said:" thank you sir. I found the information

I was searching for. I promise to never tell them out anywhere. Goodbye. Elena, let s go." Elena said goodbye. "goodbye youngsters. I hope this information have helped you." I and Elena quitted the


There was a beautiful morning in that green grables where there was sound of chickens and roosters

and cows. " let s talk about Meyer Lansky." Said Elena. " let s start of his name. Meyer is Jewish, and

Lansky is Russian. As it appears, he immigrated to America at a young age , so he knows about

neither Jewish and nor Russian culture. " "you re right Elena." I said. " but everyone can guess these.

In fact I need a good reference…… found it!" " what?" " senator Macpherson! Of course he is very

angry of me, but he might help much." "you are kidding!" " I am lucky if he is still in Havana." " I will

come with you." "no Elena, not you." And I got up.

I reached Macpherson s house with hurry. I knocked the door: " please open the door Mr.

Macpherson, I am sorry for what I did. Please open the door. I really want to help you. please hurry

up. Finally, he opened the door " what do you want youngster?" "believe me, I want to help you. I

am sorry of what I have done sir. " "well why are you here?" " I must know some stuff. I really need

your help." " what? To help you? Why? Because you turned me into an scandalous man?" " believe

me, then I did n t know the truth. Now I know it. I have gathered all the tapes. I swear to god that I

did it. " "really?" "yes." "so you have realized that you did wrong." " yes I did. And that is why I want

you to give me some information." " you want me to give you information? About what?" "for

example, why does sally have vendetta with you?" "well, that goes back to many years ago. When I

realized there is a group of outlaw Italian men in America whom most of them have never went to

prison because of their connections with corrupt police. The details are so boring. You may get tired.

Anyway, I discovered headquarter of one of their families named " Fulfinante" and taped the

induction ceremony of a new member named Salvatore Montano known as sally the big eyes. The

family soon realized this and their boss, Fulfinante met me and told me that I will die if I publish the

video. I suggested sally to testify in the hearing committee I held at U.S senate, and to confess his

sins like a good child. But in the hearing committee, not only he did n t testimony against his crime,

he did n t even talk about what he did in Cuba, and he just said some stuff about Las Vegas casinos

and illegal gambling. I knew well that he was a murderer and smuggler. I could n t control my

angriness, and I was going to play the video in the senate subcommittee. I even ordered to bring the

projector. But when I wanted to pull it off my bag, surprisingly I saw that is not there. Anyway, that

committee, which was one of the largest senate subcommittees in American history, was ended with

sally being recognized as guiltless. That is really stupid!" "sir, do you know anything about 1946

Havana conference?" " no, I don t……. wait…..let me think…. Huh…. Death of Bugsy Siegel in 1947!

That is their business! yes, it was them!" " them? Who? Don t they have a name?" " I have read a

19th century book which was memoirs of an American diplomat to Sicily in the 1870s. in which he

talks about mafia. Which is very similar to what we can see today in American large cities like New

York and Chicago . I call those men " American mafia" . because I think that they are the Sicilian

mafia continued." " do they call the organization cosa nostra?" " yes they do." " it is stupid! A

criminal society starts in Sicily and defiles Cuba." He drank his tea and said:" history will judge later." 

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