Santa's Secret Weapon

July 7, 2016

     Anger was plastered on my face. I was frustrated, I wanted to slam my head against the wall. I was grounded, again. For what, you might ask. All I did was kick my sister, call my brother names, and not do my homework. In my mind all I did wrong was accept being grounded. I went over to my desk to start my stupid homework. As I sat at my desk I looked at my wrinkled, paper calendar and I saw it was December 20th and break was the day after tomorrow. Great! I had to write a 500 word essay on this stupid Krampus guy, and I did not know where to even start. I opened my laptop and started researching. My face had a expression of anger. I had to write an essay on some guy who does not even exist! I slammed my laptop shut and flopped on the bed, and drifted to sleep.

     When I awoke, it was time for school. I was so happy I slept through the entire night without hearing my mom yell at me, again. As usual I went into school, and of course caused trouble. Also, I got yelled at by my English teacher, I had to give my stupid Krampus essay in the day I got back from break. Ugh! After school I flopped on my bed with a load of stress on my back. Luckily I fell asleep until I was called to dinner, where I was yelled at, again. Then right after dinner I went up to my room to watch some Hallmark Christmas movies. Right in the middle of one corny movie I drifted happily asleep.

     Crying echoed through the hallway. I walked out of my room to see what happened. My parents sitting there sobbing harder than an animal in a cage. I tried as hard as I could to comfort her, but my mom's brother had died in a car wreck. So they have to go to they funeral, which was in Minnesota. My parents were of course bringing my brother and sister, but they said I had to stay to finish my essay; and of course my behavior. That is just great! I would spend Christmas alone. My family was leaving for the airport and I was actually a little excited as I thought more about it. That meant a messy house, as much junk food as I wanted, sleeping in, anything! So, I wished them safe travels and basically forced them out the door. Then the next few hours were spent with my best friend, the television.

     When I finally opened my eyes, the sun shined brightly through the blinds. I felt dead to the world. I must have fallen asleep in the middle of one of those corny Christmas movies. Trash was everywhere! I did not care. The rest of the day was spent dancing to Ariana Grande songs and eating candy.

     Of course, I was excited when I woke up the next morning. Why? It is Christmas eve! I spent most of the day eating raw cookie dough, dancing to carols, and watching Hallmark movies. Before I knew it, night fell into the sky. I was dancing and singing to my favorite Christmas carols while breaking all of my brother's snow globe collection. When suddenly, a cold wind blew through the house, the lights and music shut off all in an instance. Knock, knock! I went towards the front door. Bang, bang! The knocks grew louder. Then the door fell on the ground in a second, and standing in the doorway was a hideous creature with long horns, big cloven hooves, a bundle of birch sticks on his back, fur all on his body, and a long, bright red tongue. Then it said in a scratchy, sinister voice, "Krampus has come for you!"

     I screamed and ran towards the fireplace. I was trembling, and fear filled my eyes. He drew closer to me, and picked me up and threw me down onto the broken snow globe pieces. I shrieked in pain, glass was stuck in my arms and legs. I was terrified! He took out one of the birch sticks he had on his back, and pulled his hand back. The creature started whipping me with the stick, I yelled as loud as I possibly could. I could see blood trickling down my arms and legs. It burned. Then when I thought the pain could not continue it did.

     He reached over and grabbed my nicely tied ponytail, and ripped it right out. I shrieked with even more pain than before. Oww! It then reached it's long, hairy arm over my ears and pulled my ears, and said with a laughing cackle, "You will pay for your horrible behavior. No Santa for you this year!" I was in utter pain. I had to escape, then I got it! I ran over to the Christmas tree and took the breakable ornaments off the tree and threw them at him. He turned at me with a disgusted face, then before I knew it, he had me by the arms, squeezing harder and harder.

     He then continued by throwing me in a dirty sack. I had blood all over me. I was in too much pain to think. Why? Finally I saw light, he opened the sack and pulled me out. We were on the top of a cliff, he said in a sly, evil voice, "The final torture." He pointed down, I looked to see black and rough seas. Then he, in an instance, pushed me. I could not even open my mouth to scream, there was too much pain. I just let it happen as I fell into the deep darkness.

     My parents returned home a few days later. Everything was the way they left it except there was no me. They looked everywhere, but I was just assumed dead. I was not dead though, I still am imprisoned to the Krampus, who tortures me as much as he can, there are many other naughty kids that join me. So naughtiness can cause you to be a prisoner for eternity, and it is the Krampus' job to make sure you are punished for your naughty crimes. Someone looks upon Krampus' with a smile of success, this smile comes from the old man himself, Saint Nicholas. Santa can not reward the bad kids, so Krampus is there to give them their "reward." So the big secret here is Santa's secret weapon, but what is that? I will tell you what it is. It is the hideous, hairy, evil Christmas devil, the Krampus!

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CNBono17 said...
Jul. 14, 2016 at 1:35 pm
It's unique, definitely. I like the originality here, and the concept of that you're doing. I think you could definitely go deeper. You're pretty good, but you do a lot of telling rather than showing. As the reader I'd like to see a bit more in the beginning, maybe show the scene where your character gets in trouble and her reaction. The ending as well, where she's taken and imprisoned forever, is creative but lacking in detail. As the story is, it's good, but I feel like it has infinite potenti... (more »)
broadwaylover2002 replied...
Jul. 14, 2016 at 10:28 pm
Thank you for reading it I really appreciate all the very sweet and heartfelt compliments. Actually this one was for an assignment for my 8th grade English class and we had a word maximum. But that is a great idea to go deeper into the details of what this prison looks like and how she would get in trouble. Thank you so much for the response, I hope you keep reading more. Thanks ;)
CNBono17 replied...
Jul. 14, 2016 at 11:54 pm
word maximums. Ah, hate those; one of my pieces called Writer's Block was written for a contest that had a word limit and I edited it FOREVER to get it within the word limit. I totally get it! And I totally will read more;)
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