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Here We Tell Their Story, So That Generations Yet Unborn Will Never Forget

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The air was hard to breathe in and something had made a huge jolt in the building, this was all Caleb Marsh was thinking. The day had been normal so far, I thought groggily; still unsure of what was going on. I had woken up that morning and everything was fine, my wife Sherrie was still asleep and I was happy she was had the chance to sleep in this morning. I had quietly moved throughout the room as I quickly brushed my teeth and threw on my suit for work. I then had brought my son Jacob to school, I remembered bringing him in and dropping him off in his first grade classroom. I remembered saying I loved him before I left.
Someone screamed. Waking up out my daze I got up quickly, which just made me dizzier. I could barely see, for the room was covered with smoke and debris. What had happened? Where was I? I looked down and noticed my suit, I was at work. But this wasn’t work, this was chaos. The room was full of torn screams, foggy smoke, and people’s voices buzzing all around me. I saw my coworker and screamed, “Alan! What’s going on?” Alan response was in a rushed manner, “There was a bomb, or we think something crashed into the building, a misdirected plane maybe? We have no clue what’s going on, but c’mon, we have to get to the phones, they’re still in service.” I moved as fast as I could, the smoke made me keep tripping over things I couldn’t see. There was a fire over in the corner too so we had to hurry because it was spreading. When we finally reached the phones Alan grabbed my arm and pushed through the greedy crowd yelling, “We have families, let us through!” Unfortunately, no one was very lenient. Alan had two daughters named Jessica and Nicole, his wife’s name was Alison. When we got to the front of the line the windows had shattered, but it was the peoples cause, they’d decided to jump. Still in shock, I was about to run and tell them not to, that help would be here soon, but Alan looked me in the eyes and said, “No. Things are bad, man. We’re not going to make it out, we can’t access any of the exits, and we need to focus on ourselves and our families. We need to tell them that we love them.”
My eyes were wild. Everything happened in such a blur. Was I really never going to see beautiful wife again? Would my son grow up without a father? What if I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye? I hadn’t even noticed Alan had been on the phone as he hung up. “This was a terrorist attack; Alison says two planes were launched into each one of the twin towers.” His eyes were welled with tears and even though I hadn’t noticed before, so were mine. He handed me the phone. I grabbed it and dialed my home number, Sherrie should be there. She answered and her voice was muffled, as if the phone had been put up to her ear and she was doing something. “Hey honey, what’s up?” “Sherrie, this is important, I need you to listen to me. Our building was attacked by terrorists, on both of the towers; two planes were launched into them. People are jumping” he coughed realizing how bad the air was getting “and I can barely see or breathe. I don’t think I’ll make it.” In his ear all he heard was silence, he thought the line had gone dead. But then his wife replied with her voice in horrified cries, “No, you can’t you get out of there? Run down the emergency stairs or go to the roof and wait for helicopters to come!” I felt horrible for saying the words I thought I’d never have to say. “Sweetie, I love you so much. Tell Jacob I love him. You two are the best things that have ever happened to me, I have been so deeply blessed. I am not going to be there for you or him anymore, so you have to be strong.” Just then there was a thundering sound, and the ground beneath me began to shake. “I love you so much; I love you so, so much.” It was at that exact moment when I felt my breath intake, heard the screams of others around me, sadly listened to my wife’s loud sobs, and felt the ground collapsing underneath me.

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