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Fishing for Possibilities

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“Taken by…whatever it was, I guess…”
We all stand around Grammies’ bed, the white, lace sheets almost looking sad, too.
“ Ma, don’t go! We need you! I take back what I said…really!!” Uncle Ferdy pleads.
“It won’t work now! She’s really gone this time.” says Dr. Quillson.

I look at Mom, and, even though she’s always telling me how she hates Grommy nagging her, she’s crying. But Dad isn’t. He’s just standing there, looking sad and his eyes are closed, like he’s praying.
I’m all confused, though, ‘cause it’s not the end of the world. Heck, I even bet there are people in this room who are happy to see Grommy go(I bet their just pretending to be sad). Like Uncle Ferdy, He won’t have to order extra meat from THE SUPPLY CLOSET anymore. And Cousin Chelsey can go back to New York City and get a job(and maybe a husband). Even Aunt Tiana will benefit. She won’t have to worry anymore about Grommy making her restaurant look bad. So even though it’s okay, everyone’s looking depressed.

Then my older brother, Jeremy, speaks up.”Hey, Alice! When can we get outta this jam, huh?”
“Jerry,” says Aunt Coraline, “Don’t talk that way! And don’t call your ma by her first name!”

But Jeremy don’t care. He’s 14 and all he cares about is
Marley and the gang and Melissa Lauren Limeburrner.
Heck, He’s probably got the gang waitin’ outside to take him to the soda shoppe to meet Melissa.
Melissa is the prettiest girl in the high school and I don’t know why, but she likes my brother an’ they’ve been going steady for a week now.

And, me? I’m just waiting. Hanging out with me. Fishing for possibilities.

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