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Helen's Story

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It was idiotic to be there. I hiding my face in my hair, long and black. I looked around the room, seeing the paint that was unpleasantly peeled off the walls in an unfinished manner. I didn’t even belong here. What for? For a damned lover. I was sent into enemy territory, in my full jet propelled plane, the Master Flight 329. Of course, I knew it was wrong to have a lover on the other side. But, for god’s sake! He was traitor and I knew that. But he and I had loved each other for two months and I couldn’t stop. He was too much. And I liked it.
Well, here I am. Living in his capture. Living my hell. Halfway into my journey, I was shot down my an enemy agent, one of his friends, Jaden. Did you know that he actually laughed when he caught me? “Well, well. You’ve done yourself no good, now, have you?” He chuckled, shoving my arms behind my back and tying a tight and rough rope around my wrists that left raw cuts and welts two days later, when he finally removed them. He was always very egotistical and sarcastic, even when he was sober, which he wasn’t when he caught me, bruised and burned inside the remains of my aircraft.
I was executed after awhile in that hellhole of a cell, or I would have been, executed by Jaden himself had I not sworn at him and shoved him down instead of me, relishing the sound of the metal blade cutting into his cold, traitor skin and releasing his cold, traitor blood, soaking the wood platform below his lifeless body.
He can burn down in the bottom of the world for all I care.

And yet, I still love him.

Oh, god! I have forgotten to tell you the name of my lover haven’t I? Well, you’ve already met him.
After all, if we cannot be our own friend, who are we?

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Wallypenguin said...
Sept. 18, 2013 at 8:03 pm
Interesting. I like the star crossed lover thing with a twist. Usually stories like this are boring but good work!
BlottedInk replied...
Sept. 26, 2013 at 9:18 am
i will take that as a compliment... :P  
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