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Do Unto Others as you would Like them do you unto you

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In AD 177, I was the Emperor of Rome. I conquered numerous countries, which included Gaul, Spain, Italy etc. etc. I thought that if I conquered more land, I would have a difficult time governing my countries, so I told my people to build a wall called “Hadrian’s Wall” after my name. This is wall that marks Rome’s boundaries. I felt bored after a while, so I brought a few people to my presence and did these terrible things: I cut off their tonsils, burnt their fingers and many other things. I did not kill them for I knew that if I kill them, they will suffer no longer.

Then, a few years passed and soon, it was the first day of AD 138. I heard a noise from outside my castle, so I went outside to see what made the noise. I ordered for my portcullis to be lifted but I realized that I shouldn’t have done that. The moment my portcullis opened, an uncountable amount of angry people swarmed into my castle, cornering me towards a wall. My soldiers tried to pull them back but the number of people that came into my castle was clearly larger than the number of soldiers I had. They dragged me out of the castle and into a hut. They forced me to sit down and tied me up with a thick rope. Someone who was carrying dangerous articles came in. The people cleared the way for him to come to me. He kneeled down and bowed at my feet in a mocking way and got up and spat at me. He burnt my fingers, cut my tonsils and did almost everything I did to them. All that was left of me was my right hand with all five fingers, my body and my head. That was just enough body parts for me to write about me.

Remember: Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

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