After the Battle

December 29, 2017

They took each other’s hands, trembling, and too tired to try to avoid getting blood on their shoes. He twisted his mouth, and bit his lip, hard, remembering simpler times when he wasn’t passing the corpses of blurry-faced people with blurry-faced people crying about them. But he couldn’t remember a time when he wasn’t hoping someone he loved wouldn’t die. That time was long gone.

It took him a minute before he realized he didn’t even know who’s hand he was holding, but what did it matter? They had become one of the crying blurry-faced people. No one wanted anyone around them when they were crying.

He took a sharp breath, and opened the big double doors, snarling as he sat down, and his parents began cooing above him. Everyone was hugging someone who cared about them, trembling, while he was just trying to keep himself together, what he’d do for someone to actually listen. All he wanted was for someone to remember he was a human being. He secretly wanted someone to fix the broken pieces that kept stabbing him. He closed his eyes and shook the wretched thoughts and voices infesting his head. I’ve made it this far, I must keep fighting this, he reminded himself. Fighting what? Everyone’s dead to me or lifeless. And that’s how I left Hogwarts; with secrets, and wars to fight. So different from how I entered it. It was so much simpler when I entered with only a greed to succeed and prove myself to the world. Guess I couldn’t do it.

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